Kattana — The Ultimate Crypto Trading App.

Kattana — The Ultimate Crypto Trading App.

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is growing fast, and that is due the fact that decentralization brings versatility and flexibility to FinTech. There are several DeFi apps within the crypto community, but one of the most outstanding ones is Kattana.

Kattana brings professionalism to DeFi trades. With the platform, users can trade cryptocurrency on both decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges, and they can also make use of the array of easy-to-use professional trading tools that only centralized exchanges used to have. This platform allows for crypto trading beginners to carry out trades without hassles and the complexity that comes with crypto trades.

Basically, with the Kattana platform, you can easily analyze the market to identify trends and changes within the crypto market. Furthermore, users can also perform crypto trades, and also have all of their crypto trades in one portfolio. The crypto portfolio management is topnotch and allows for effective monitoring of held cryptocurrency.

The project was created as a tool to help traders perform their trades according to the modern trends and growth of cryptocurrency. They intend to provide users with improved trading experiences that cater to diverse crypto markets. Kattana has identified the flaws and strengths of both centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi), and thus they have created the perfect platform for crypto traders to perform their trades seamlessly.


The crypto trading platform was designed to allow users perform different tasks on it, and with its amazing features, it takes away the hassles of shuttling between sites and apps in order to successfully perform crypto trades. One of the major reasons why Kattana was created was to provide a platform where users can focus on profitability with the aid of the different trading tools available on the platform. It is a platform that gives you everything you need to trade in one place.

  • TA Tools and Charts

As a crypto trader and investor, you can be ahead of the game without breaking a sweat. With the charting and instruments, users can analyze crypto market data, and thus be able to make detailed decisions as they carry out their trades.

  • Topnotch Trading

Kattana takes trading to a whole new level by providing a trading functionality that makes it stand out among other trading platforms. It combines the best features of DEXs and CEXs, and also makes it possible for traders to transact on both types of exchanges.

  • Automation of trading strategy

Users of the platform do not have to go through the stress of monitoring and analyzing different trades. By automating some processes, it helps the users make well informed decisions about their trades.

  • Portfolio Management

It can be a tedious task when crypto traders have different crypto investments that they need to keep track off. It is good to own a crypto portfolio, but you need to manage it properly, and that is where the platform comes in as a good platform to help crypto investors and traders manage their crypto portfolio better.

  • Real-time Trade on Multiple Exchanges

Traders are at liberty to trade on more than 40 decentralized exchanges in real time, and that is an effective and efficient way to take away the hassles of getting the contacts of different decentralized exchanges from various sites.

There is another interesting addition that Kattana brings to the mix, a feature that many DeFi users have always wanted, and that is the variety of advanced orders. It may interest you to know that the adoption of DeFi is happening at an unprecedented rate, and even though it is an amazing innovation with lots of prospects, a lot of traders have not been able to come to terms with the unavailability of a variety of order types like they have on CEXs. By default, DeXs are designed with market orders that are simple, and it can make it difficult for the traders to perform trades when there are increases in multiple prices within a short period of time; in cases like this, the traders can end up selling too late or too early, because they do not have access to the multiple order options that come with centralized exchanges (CEXs). There are three types of limit orders:

  • Limit Orders

In some cases, these types of orders are also referred to as conditional orders. The trader can have their orders created based on the specified price, and not lower or higher than that. It protects the buyer from selling low or buying high, especially with a market like crypto’s that always experiences high volatility. Traders who do arbitrage trading will love this type of order.

  • Limit Market Orders

These are orders that come with conditions, and they are created to give the trader the opportunity to have their orders set when there is a limit for the market, and the asset gets traded for whatever price the trader wants to trade. One of the major features of this trade is the guarantee that the orders will happen based on the desired price the trader wants to fill. Furthermore, it mitigates the risks of having probable outcomes.

  • Decentralized Exchange — Centralized Exchange Limit Order

This is a special decentralized/centralized limit order that enables the trader to use an asset for trade on a CEX, and this comes without the need to deposit anything to the exchange. This is a perfect order type for people who want to make quick trades without going through the processes involved in the other order types.

Kattana has a very vibrant and creative team of intelligent people who have contributed immensely to the growth of the crypto community, as well as in the development of FinTech solutions.

The crypto community is still moving for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, and with new use cases coming out every moment, cryptocurrency adoption is just around the corner. Kattana has positioned itself strategically to facilitate easy crypto trades and portfolio management, and is also at a good spot for when cryptocurrency finally becomes a mainstream technology like credit cards and fiat currencies.

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