The Most Reliable Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler) — Your Reliable Crypto Security in 2021

The Most Reliable Bitcoin Mixer(Tumbler) — Your Reliable Crypto Security in 2021
Mark Sheppard

The one who called himself Satoshi Nakomoto, created cryptocurrency so that anyone can keep their financial life untouchable and protected from the interference of others. However, requirements of customer disclosure put these principles at risk and ordinary users under threat of theft, extortion, and even kidnapping by bandits. Find out how you can protect yourself from this.

Why Should Your Cryptocurrency Be Anonymous?

To ensure the inviolability of personal financial information when creating cryptocurrency, Blockchain, which is a decentralized data storage system that can not be cracked, was taken as the basis. But the requirements of mandatory checks KYC / AML, then put forward by governments of many countries to companies operating with cryptocurrencies, do not contribute to maintaining the confidentiality of users personal info.

The problem is that companies such as crypto exchanges are favorite targets for hacker attacks, when personal data of users fall into the hands of attackers. Because of this, users whose data has been stolen are not only in danger of losing their digital assets, but also run the risk of real physical harm.

In the modern world, cyber crime it’s not a separate thing, criminal gangs often consist of representatives of different professions, so the data stolen by hackers is not only used to crack email and digital wallets, but also used by bandits and professional extortionists. Due to the analysis of transactions in the open cryptocurrency blockchain, attackers can easily identify the real owners of crypto addresses, and then their location. After that, getting under the pressure of various criminal gangs who can knock out information from their victims is easy.

So the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions becomes not just a matter of preference, but a prerequisite for maintaining your digital assets, health, and in some cases even your life. This is especially true for those crypto holders who own significant amounts. Your data that is stored on the crypto exchange due to hacking can fall into the hands of interested parties who can use it against you.

Unfortunately, there are already quite a lot of cases of robberies, abductions and even killings of crypto owners and they are happening all over the world, so you should not assume that digital currencies concern only the virtual world. Tracking transactions on the blockchain, people were tracked down, abducted, and even burst into their houses with weapons. The only reliable way to protect yourself from such incidents is to follow the elementary safety rules on the network and ensure the anonymity of your crypto transactions.

How to Protect Against the Threat of Tracking?

You can prevent the identification of your personality. You can do this if you mix your Bitcoin. Special Bitcoin mixing services have been developed for a relatively long time. Using algorithms for mixing coins from different wallets, they break the chain of transactions between two addresses that could be tracked.

Your crypto operations can be easily monitored in an open blockchain system if you directly send coins to the address of another person or company. When using the Bitcoin mixer, your transaction is distributed in parts among many unrelated addresses and passes through different wallets several times. After that, the transaction amount comes to the address you specified from different sources, which confuses the traces of coins and therefore does not allow any to track you.

That is why most professional traders and crypto investors use the BTC mixer when they withdraw earned cryptocurrency from exchanges and investment platforms, because they usually operate with large amounts that are always of interest to attackers who analyze the blockchain.

However, not every Bitcoin mixer is worth using, trusting it your digital money. In addition to frankly fraudulent sites that simply steal your money, there are those that promise anonymity, but do not actually provide it.

Use the Most Reliable and Fast Bitcoin Mixer

This is not the first year that has been the best Bitcoin mixer and it will probably remain so in 2021. This is proved by that on the Internet there are many fakes posing as

There are no other domains for — be careful! Using a proven method of mixing over the years, you will never lose your crypto assets. mixing service, which has been working since 2017, does not have negative reviews, but it is highly rated in many ratings on the most respected and popular cryptocurrency info resources. Also, in some closed forums, there are guarantee deposits worth $15,000 from the, which act as insurance to compensate for losses in case of fraud. You can write to to get a link to such a forums.

This confirms that the crypto community trusts the reliable service, because even if something goes wrong, for example, due to heavy network load or other possible failures or bugs you can always easily contact to solve the problem. Be sure to keep the letter of guarantee that you will receive when making a deposit, and also do not clear the logs until the situation parsing begins, but no later than 72 hours later, after which all data is automatically deleted to protect your privacy. For the same purpose, the site does not use any analytical tools. Features

– No registration required.
— In addition to mixing BTC (Bitcoin) is the first crypto mixer that supports exchanging your other cryptocurrencies, which, despite having its own mixing system, does not give complete anonymity.
— Completely prevents the possibility of transactional analysis.
— The maximum level of difficulty and randomization.
— Large pools of coins that are completely unrelated to each other.
— Variable manual or automatic commission.
— Constantly mixed coins, which provides instant withdrawal after confirmation.
— Transaction delay, which does not allow to detect the sender and receiver by the time of sending.
— Ability to use the public API on your website.
— Simple and intuitive interface with support for 10 languages, it is possible to save settings.
— The presence of an affiliate program.
— Maximum performance without the use of unnecessary visual effects.

More info in the FAQ

To protect your privacy with the best Bitcoin Mixer just do the following:

1. On the website, specify the amount and select the mixing parameters;
2. Indicate the final wallet where you want to get clean coins;
3. Send crypto coins to the mixer;
4. Get a clean cryptocurrency in accordance with the selected mixing parameters. Protects Crypto Community Principles

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