Down With Financial Losses: The Review Of IQN Token Protecting the Portfolio From BTC Volatility

The higher the bitcoin price the more insignificant fluctuation hits investors in their pockets. In March, the market leader rose from $46,000 to $60,000, after which it fell sharply by $6,000. Later, like on a roller coaster, its value again soared to $60,000 and, unable to hold the position, ruled lower. 

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The most obvious way to protect from BTC volatility is to not limit your portfolio to one single currency. 

Just Add Altcoins to Your Portfolio

There are a myriad of tools to invest in besides Bitcoin. While the latter was receding in value, many altcoins and tokens were successfully increasing in price, without leaving the rollback zone. 

IQN gaming token also showed great growth potential: it ignored the red zone of the cryptocurrency market and broke into the top promising assets for investment. 

The chart below shows that IQN price, with minor adjustments, is constantly moving up, even at a time when investments in the top 10 cryptocurrencies proved to be extremely unprofitable. Only in February 2021, when the crypto market was as unpredictable as possible, IQN continued to grow steadily: the price increased by 31.7% including by the opening of a new IQN/ETH pair on the well-known EXMO exchange. 

About the asset

IQN is an ERC-20 token that allows gamers to receive a digital asset as a reward for successfully completed PvP matches. 

Faced with the problem of monetization within the community of experienced players and developers, the authors of the project decided to create a tool that would recoup the time and effort spent in a favorite game. It is the motivation of the players’ activity that is the key direction of the IQN token development. 

In early 2018, IQN was integrated into PvP gaming platform. And already today, a huge number of players receive an asset for winning matches, participating in contests and interactions held by IQeon team, as well as a bonus from other users. 

IQN was released on the well-known Ethereum platform, which ensures its reliability, security and good liquidity in the market. And since new crypto projects are being developed on the Ethereum blockchain, most wallets are compatible with ERC-20 tokens. 

Today IQN is integrated into several e-wallets: Metamask, TrustWallet, Eidoo, as well as hardware Trezor. In addition to them, the token is supported by the cross-platform wallets Freewallet, imToken, AtomicWallet. 

IQN token is a strong asset in terms of technical and fundamental analysis. So, in 2019, the well-known company KnownSec checked the asset’s smart contract and handed down an opinion that its code doesn’t have serious vulnerabilities. 

The token is available on EXMO, BitForex, HitBTC, Exrates exchanges. Large exchanges diligently select cryptocurrencies and digital assets for listing, so adding an asset to the trading platform mean its potentially high trading volumes, good prospects for the development and growth of the user audience. Moreover, the listing reflects the competitiveness and liquidity of the token. In the case of IQN, the sale of an asset on exchanges is a clear indicator that players really receive assets for their in-game achievements, and crypto traders readily purchase tokens. 

Is It Worth Replenishing Your Portfolio?

There is a lot of “garbage” in the cryptocurrency industry today. Therefore, it is extremely important for a crypto investor to choose projects that develop a real product and have a fundamental basis for growth. 

IQN gaming token is an excellent investment opportunity for every investor. Its distinguishing feature is the potentially huge ecosystem tied to an asset. By successfully solving the problems of gamers, the asset can be integrated into a much larger number of products/services/platforms, which is why its rate will only grow.

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