New Projects for Cardano Could Be a Game-Changer! ADA Price

Cardano’s native token, ADA, has risen 722% in value this year, from $0.18 in January to an all-time high of $1.48. Also, NFTs created a lot of buzz and the craze around them was unbelievable.

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Lark Davis, a well-known crypto trader, predicts that a range of convincing crypto narratives will provide early investors with significant returns this cycle.

The Cardano blockchain’s development team has already revealed new information about the smart contract release. Following the release of its Mary protocol in March, Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano has announced that its Alonzo update will be available in August.

The addition of smart contracts to Cardano would result in a flood of new ventures, potentially rewarding investors and thus creating new earning opportunities

According to Lark Davis,

“The smart contracts are coming to the mainnet for Cardano likely in August, assuming that there are no delays with the road map.

So we’re about to see this just explosion of new projects coming to Cardano.”

Elrond, which has finally published the Maiar Exchange’s first snapshot, is also on Davis’ radar. It will allow EGLD holders to see their MEX governance token balances rise. With the majority of the token supply airdropped to EGLD holders, the MEX governance token will enable the group to make decisions. And also the release of its fundraising mechanism (launchpad) on the block chain is another big thing for the token.

As per Davis, the Elrond launchpad will introduce “a whole new wave of tokens to the Elrond universe.

The trader says he’s also anticipating big things from Solana (SOL).Because of its high speed, low fees, and size, the Solana ecosystem of developers chooses to create with Solana as the ecosystem expands without compromising censorship resistance or protection.

“While the Solana asset itself has been very bullish recently, it’s not what’s going to give you the biggest gains.”

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are one-of-a-kind digital assets that can be used to display digital art, real estate, tickets, and more, are another trend that the YouTuber believes will continue to pay off for investors.

Davis points out that NFTs have a strong value proposition in the gaming industry, where virtual assets are often purchased, exchanged, and sold, as well as in the sports industry, where digital cards and other collectibles are very common.

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