The SEC v/s XRP Sentiment Is Heating Up! XRP Price Poised to Hit $2

Faced with SEC claims, Ripple’s CEO retaliated on Friday (April 30), claiming that cryptocurrency regulations are “frustrating” and lack clarity. These remarks were made in an interview with CNBC by Brad Garlinghouse, whose company developed the cryptocurrency XRP. 

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According to Garlinghouse, the United States needs to establish strict regulatory rules for cryptocurrency, similar to those in place in some Asian countries. On CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” on Friday, he said, “I give credit to markets like Singapore and even parts of Korea, where there has really been a thoughtful government-led effort to identify and have consistent regulatory structures around cryptocurrencies” (April 30).

He added,

“I give credit to markets like Singapore and even parts of Korea where there really has been a thoughtful government-led effort to define and have clear regulatory frameworks around cryptocurrencies.”

In terms of price, it appears that now is the time to stock up on XRP. The SEC vs. XRP sentiment is heating up, and those who buy XRP are doing themselves a favour and will not be left behind. XRP HODLERS will enjoy this. 

One of the users wanted clarity on whether this was the last chance to buy at $2 and asked, “Are you saying buy now or wait for a potential drop to 1.17ish and buy fibs on the way down?” Looks like there’s around $10 billion worth of potential liquidations on the table if Bitcoin tanks, so don’t be shocked if there’s a drop to absorb that. According to some of them, the next goal might be $2+ or $1.18 first.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has accused the payment processor of conducting unregistered security offering for the XRP token, as previously announced. Although both parties continue their legal battles, other countries have declined to go down that road, claiming that Ripple’s native digital token is a currency.

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