Continues Community Growth with New Club Talk Feature

Sports betting has always had an aspect of socializing, with debates, speculation, and discussion always commonplace. Regardless of the conversation, the social aspect of betting remains a core cog in the mechanism.

Building upon this social need and securing the potential for future developments, introduces the community to its new “Club Talk” feature. In the Club Talk room, the community can talk freely about their favorite subject (sports) while discussing the betting aspect at the same time. On the surface, this new feature might seem just like a chat room, but when you dive deeper you can see the potential for it to become a real game-changer

A Social Community

By facilitating a means of socializing on the platform, the Club Talk feature boosts both community-building and the ability for the community to learn from one another. Entering a welcoming and active platform where gambling, socializing, and profit-making blend together, delivers something new.

At the heart of any and all great online platforms is the community that creates it and keeps it moving forward. With the Club Talk room, players can talk shop and betting strategies and perspectives while actively participating in the services. This ensures the platform maintains functionality while building a bigger, better social community.

A Boundless Space For Players & Sports Fans

With the incorporation of a social, interactive hub for the community, Club Talk can be the best place for newcomers to learn the ropes. Featuring guests and celebrities in “Behind the Bet”, the new streaming series, the community will have the opportunity to participate in live interviews and speak directly with their favorite names in the space via the Club Talk forum.

The Director of, Joe McCallum has already spoken about Club Talk becoming “a lively hub of discussion, describing it as “one of the most welcoming communities around”. As the anticipation behind the upcoming European Championships builds up in the background, the new Club Talk feature allows the community to share their excitement and thoughts in an open and diverse environment.

How To Access And Use Club Talk

Accessing via either a desktop or a mobile device, users can see the user-friendly interface featuring categories such as ‘Sports’, ‘Casino’, and ‘Safer Gambling’. Once on the welcome page, users can access the Club Talk feature now live at the bottom right corner of the screen. Once on the Club Talk hub, users can talk openly about their bets, thoughts, get involved in community discussions, and learn from the pros.

As more users join this positive growing community, the platform continues to grow with them; adding more features that bring the community together. To join the thriving community and seize the opportunity to learn, have fun, and talk with the stars; visit Club Talk on


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