Forget about bank loans – with the Student Coin Crypto Ecosystem

We all know the struggles with traditional banks. Most of the time, you need to provide imprest and variable interest rates. You have to wait for different kinds of approvals, and it’s a pretty laborious process.

Not to mention that banks have security issues, with your loan being at risk for robbery or bankruptcy.

Therefore, the decision to get a loan is difficult because there is a lot to consider. And it’s especially hard for students who want to pay their tuition or entrepreneurs who want to start their business once and for all.

StartUp programs are another option, but the competition is high, and you need to come with a really clever idea to conquer the investors. At the same time, crowdfunding always needs something in return. But what if you don’t have anything to offer yet?

All of these issues will end soon – with Student Coin.

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin is an ecosystem built with blockchain technology with the aim of providing users with an alternative to bank loans, among others.

The platform was designed to enable individuals and companies to build their own STC-based tokens and sell them through crowdfunding. So you have something to give from the outset. All of the new tokens will be valued based on the STC.

To build a token, Student Coin doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Using the STC Terminal app, you will just need to fill:

  • The name you want for the token;
  • The token type (personal, corporate, DeFi, NFT, etc.);
  • The utility of the token;
  • The token supply.

Easy, quick, and clean.

How does crowdfunding work on Student Coin?

The system is very straightforward, and it’s best for students and entrepreneurs.

You build your token, put it in a Student Coin pool, and others can purchase it and use it for commercial reasons. That’s how you get the money needed to start your company or to join your favorite university. After you have a steady source of income, you cyclically repay the loan.

No wonder why over 500 universities worldwide support this project, including Harvard and Stanford.

Where to get STC tokens?

You can purchase the STC token directly from – being the fastest way to get it.

But if you want to switch between crypto trading platforms, you’ll find STC on exchanges like Uniswap, Waves Exchange, Bithumb Global, and CoinTiger.

In addition, by the end of May, four other crypto exchanges will be ready to list STC:

  • On 12 May 2021 – Coinsbit;
  • On 13 May 2021 – P2PB2B and Exchange;
  • On 15 May 2021 – ProBit.

Plus, May spare us two other listings on major exchanges. Student Coin hasn’t announced the date yet, but it should be live a few days after May 9th.

Not long after that, we will see on the list HitBTC, Changelly, Changelly Pro, CrossTower, and Bequant.

What other products are included in the ecosystem?

Student Coin is more than the STC token. It is an entire ecosystem designed to encourage more people to enter the crypto world without stressing about all the tech info.

There are two main sections of the Student Coin platform:

  • The business section, which includes:
    • STC Wallet – where you can access and even stake your assets up to 6 months with 5 to 13% APY;
    • STC Terminal – that will allow users to customize their tokens (available by the end of July);
    • STC Exchange – where you can trade your assets for crypto or fiat (available from Q3 2021);
    • STC App – where you can access Student Coin on the go (the full version available in November).
  • The educational section, which includes the STC Educational Panel.

And that’s what we call a complete crypto solution. What are you waiting for? Join Student Coin and start your crypto adventure!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story brought to you by Student Coin.

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