True P&L — the new way of trading

True P&L — the new way of trading

True P&L — the new way of trading

If there is anything every crypto investor wants, it is the ability to earn without going through the hassles of studying markets and analyzing crypto market data. Interestingly, advancement in crypto technology has taken that burden off people who want to earn crypto passively.

True P&L was created to make crypto trading easy with its amazing features including Robo-Trading, TradingView Scripts Automation, and Portfolio Tracker among others. Users of the True P&L platform do not have to worry about getting their investments right, even if they have different accounts. The automation of the platform takes crypto trading and management of crypto investments to a whole new level of ease and profitability.


In order to meet the needs of the ever growing crypto community as regards trades and portfolio management, here are some benefits for True P&L users:

  • With the portfolio tracker, users can get access to all their accounts in one place, and that takes away the tedious task of going back and forth between different browsers, apps and platforms. Furthermore, the tracker is automated to give proper analysis about the crypto market trends, and improve on your investments, as well as give you concise analytics that are a function of your crypto trading history.
  • The addition of automated strategies makes trading even easier, because the user is not required to do much but approve the strategies. It is pretty easy for the user to start, and when the process begins, it is fully automatic and does not require more input from the user. The automation takes a whole lot of stress off the crypto trader, and thus they do not have to bother about the strategies.
  • Even though the process is fully automated, users still have full control over their funds, and they can be accessed any time they want.

Robo-trading is the future of crypto trading, and True P&L has brought that future to the present. Algorithmic trading has an edge over manual trading because the bots are always on and looking for the best opportunities to act on immediately they are detected. These algorithms take different factors into cognizance in order to mitigate the risks associated with trading if performed manually. Furthermore, algorithms are more precise than humans when it comes to opening and closing trades, because humans are susceptible to making irrational decisions based on their emotions, and that can be detrimental for successful trades.

True P&L operates a democratized robo-trading that is beneficial to both professional traders and newbies; it involves giving the users unhindered access to algorithms that function based on market-tested trades, and they are so easy to use, and the user does not have to make any fund transfers from their exchange account. The platform’s quant-trading team has been working hard to create excellent bots for different cryptocurrencies including: USDT, BTC, XRP, ETH, and DOT. There are indications that more cryptos will be added soon.

The True P&L Token $PNL

The utility $PNL token can be used for different operations that are related to the platform, but primarily to maximize the value associated with transacting on the True P&L platform. There are two major uses of the $PNL token and they include:

Off-chain Utility

  • It will be used for transactions in the collateral commission pool, and users will get discounts for the payments they make.
  • Users can stake the tokens and get access to farming/lending services, reduction in fees when True P&L products are used.
  • It can also be used for prime subscriptions on the platform.
  • The $PNL token will be used for impact mining, and incentivize True P&L users with rewards via trading competitions, hackathons, and other competitive challenges on the platform.

On-chain Utility

  • With the True P&L protocol on the Web 3.0 architecture, and with the aid of the Polkadot substrate, users of the $PNL token will get reduced fees when they use the DeFi services on the True P&L protocol.
  • Access to liquidity staking when using decentralized finance (DeFi) products.
  • It will also be used as collateral investment for users operating DeFi portfolios.
  • The $PNL token will be used for impact mining, and incentivize True P&L users with rewards.


It may interest you to know that True P&L has gotten into different strategic partnerships in order to provide the best services to their users. When the private sale of the token began, True P&L got support from different companies including Lotus Capital, Blocksync Ventures,, and AU21 among others.

Another strategic partnership that True P&L is involved in is with Propeller Fund, a company that consists of a set of investors who are interested in helping crypto-based startups during their early stages of blockchain development and integration. True P&L intends to utilize the resources made available by Propeller in order to provide better products to users.

The road to the future

Primarily, True P&L provides users with off-chain and on-chain investment services and products to provide users with profitability and ease of doing business on the platform, and it does not matter whether the users are professionals or beginners; the robo-trading platform makes it easy for everyone.

The roadmap is filled with different milestones to be achieved, and even though they may look ambitious, True P&L looks poised and ready to achieve them. 2021 is the year when they will roll out services like DeFi ETFs, $PNL staking, yield farming, and impact mining; these services come with different benefits to the users. Furthermore, the platform also has plans for 2022 where they intend to bring True P&L decentralized finance (DeFi) services on to the Polkadot Substrate.

Things are looking up for the True P&L platform, and there will be more innovations with the platform in the near future as DeFi. Ease of doing business while earning passively is one of the primary goals of True P&L, and they are making good on their promise to deliver amazing crypto robo trading products and services to users.

True P&L has announced their token sale on several big platforms including Poolz, DuckStarter and Follow the official media channels to learn more about the upcoming TGE.

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