Meet Ojamu – A Blockchain-Powered Platform Helping Brands Optimize Their Digital Marketing

With more than 4.66 billion active Internet users, much of the world’s adult population is connected digitally. The Internet and social media allow brands to engage with their target audiences on a personalized and deeper level than ever before.

At the same time, brands are fighting a war for consumer attention. Most of them struggle to boost their ROI on digital marketing efforts due to inefficiency, lack of intelligent tools, and real-time consumer data.

Leveraging AI and blockchain for digital marketing

Brands need the best tools to optimize their marketing strategies and consistently run successful campaigns.

That’s what Ojamu, a Singapore-based marketing technology company, accomplishes using AI and blockchain. It eliminates wasteful spending on unnecessary and low-ROI marketing campaigns as well as third-party intermediaries.

Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that stores records of transactions on peer-to-peer networks.

Access to consumer data is not the only challenge for brands. Success hinges on your ability to analyze data at scale and predict the most suitable marketing strategies. Brands leveraging AI and blockchain could potentially outperform their human-reliant rivals in execution, speed, accuracy, and the success of the marketing campaigns.

Ojamu uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give brands access to its AI tools and an industry’s key data points. Brands also get access to massive amounts of cross-correlating data points to unearth previously unknown insights that could benefit the digital marketing campaigns.

Its Polkadot-based Intelligent Platform analyses and cross-correlates hundreds of millions of unique data points in the target industries.

The platform’s Neural Predictive Engine uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automate and recommend the most effective digital marketing campaigns for brands, products, and services.

It dramatically increases the success rate of digital marketing campaigns, irrespective of your industry vertical. It gives brands a simple and easy-to-follow roadmap to act upon.

Decentralized data storage

Valuable as it is, consumer data is vulnerable to frauds, mismanagement, and privacy leaks due to poor security. Data mismanagement and leaks erode your brand power, increase inefficiency, and diminish customers’ trust.

Data security is paramount for brands as well as users. With Ojamu, decentralized storage platforms fragment users’ data and distribute them across multiple nodes on the network to ensure data safety. There is no single point of failure.


Brands strive for higher ROI, speed, and efficiency when running digital marketing campaigns. Ojamu helps them by eliminating inefficiencies, keeping vital data secure, predicting the most effective strategies, and increasing the speed and accuracy of the campaigns.

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