Tether Calls Recent Bloomberg Report of an Alleged DOJ Probe Clickbait

Tether just issued a brief response to a Bloomberg article published earlier today, alleging that the company’s executives are facing a criminal probe into Bank Fraud. 

  • Tether implies that Bloomberg’s claims are recycled, pointing out that the article is based on unnamed sources and stale, years-old allegations.
  • The stablecoin issuer considers the article as part of a continued effort to discredit them while being “patently designed to generate clicks.”
  • Tether says that they have a commitment to “co-operation, transparency, and accountability and that they have maintained an open dialogue with the DOJ as a part of that commitment. 
  • The statement concludes by saying they will continue “business as usual” and remain focused on how to best serve their customers.

Bloomberg’s alleged DOJ investigation specifically questions whether Tether’s past activities were known by banks to be involved with cryptocurrency.

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