DIFX-io launches Spot Trading Exchange

DIFX-io launches Spot Trading Exchange

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Singapore, September 6th, 2021 – DIFX launches its spot trading exchange equipped with platform’s robust features such as User-Friendly Interface, Dedicated Support with AI-based query Resolution Bots, Dedicated Cloud Servers, Proper Security Audits, Token vetting and pre-screening, Price uniformity, and wide bandwidth for transactions.

DIFX, a blockchain-based crypto exchange platform, has developed a solution for all the problems and brings significant and long-lasting disruptive alternatives to trading financial products. It is the first fully-insured cross-asset trading platform that connects brokers, individuals and corporations while solving real-world payment problems.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the only way to diversify a digital portfolio is by trading on exchanges. However, in the current scenario, most of the trading platforms rely on outdated security mechanisms and offer a poor user interface paired with high trading fees, making them an unavailable option for regular traders.

With the launch of the Spot Trading Exchange, DIFX will offer spot trading where traders can simply invest and trade. A trader can acquire several assets from the DIFX Spot Trading Exchange by using another digital or fiat asset.

DIFX’s Spot Trading exchange will operate similarly to any other exchange but with the additional benefits of the robust architecture of DIFX. With the addition of the exchange platform, DIFX will become a one-stop solution for all trading and investing needs.

Apart from that, the spot trading exchange will also utilize DIFX’s hybrid working model of centralized and decentralized exchange that incorporates atomic swaps using Blockchain Technology.

Moreover, DIFX operates under European data protection laws and its self-imposed Code of Ethics. Under this code of ethics, DIFX ensures the best protection against losses, complete transparency, and community involvement in the decision-making processes. DIFX also vets and verify traders before carrying out transactions on the platform to ensure security and safety, unlike other CEX’s


About DIFX

DIFX is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that introduces a long-lasting disruptive alternative to sub-par trading platforms. DIFX promotes high-level margin trading with meager latency rates and corresponding APIs. DIFX includes a wide comprehensive ecosystem with several trading features, making it a one-stop solution for all trading requirements.

Some of the features that DIFX offers are. Exchange Platform, Liquidity Provider, Institutional Desk, Leveraged Trading, Custodian Services, Insured Crypto Wallet (For iOS & Android- Coming Soon), and Spot Trading Exchange.

Using these services, DIFX has developed a new financial order and offers direct settlements between payer and receiver that help millions of unbanked individuals to use digital currencies in day-to-day life.

Visit the DIFX spot exchange here.

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