This Is Why Traders Are Moving To Metaverse Projects From Traditional Crypto!

This Is Why Traders Are Moving To Metaverse Projects From Traditional Crypto!


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The metaverse is one of the revolutionary technologies, which has been growing at an accelerating rate. Enthusiasts are keen on the emerging sector, as it caters to numerous fields of interest. The ever-growing social media penetration is fueling the propulsion of NFTs, digital artwork, and Metaverse. 

Major institutions getting into the sector of Metaverse have been imparting impetus to the rise of space. Which has been a major catalyst in the rise of NFTs, and to the projects catering to the rise of virtual reality. Traders and investors are all geared up to embrace the rise of the metaverse. Crypto proponent pens top projects from the metaverse.

Top Projects to Not Miss-Out On!

  1. VLaunch: This is a metaverse project, that has been creating immense hype in the crypto ecosystem. VLaunch is supported in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Phantom, and Polygon blockchains. 

The total supply is at 50 million with a deflationary mechanism. The token’s nesting period is locked for 12-months, advisory tokens are also locked for 12-months. And community tokens are unlocked. The platform hosts major prominent investors holding the asset.

  1. Crypto v/s Zombie: It is a crypto tower defense game, which requires players to multitask in offensive and defensive modes. It is based on the unique play to earn and compete to earn model. This is the first compete to earn a competitive tower defense game built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The platform hosts lower fees for transactions, and lower congestion on the network. The roadmap for the Q4 of 2021 includes MVP development strategic advisors partnerships and VCs onboarding. The Q1 of 2022 includes the Alpha test release of game development and staking. The platform has backing from leading investors and partners.

  1. SolChicks: The game claims to be the leading play to earn fantasy game. Which is built on Solana. The game revolves around SolChick NFT characters. It is fully integrated with Metaverse. According to the roadmap, the chicks governance token is set to release on the Solana network on the 26th of November 2021.

In the Q1 of 2022, SolChicks Alpha will go live, and the battle of the Sol Fox Challenge. The platform has tie-ups with market-leading partners like Solana, Coindesk, Brave, Chainlink, and more.

  1. Legends Of Elumia: The metaverse project enables users to collect, create, and play NFTs. It is built on the Solana network, for quicker, less expensive, and more secure transactions. 

The NFT characters and goods are available for purchase, play, and exchange. Tokens for governance and in-game money development are now underway with a fully functional server and game infrastructure.

  1. Pacific NFT: Pacific NFT is a decentralized NFT marketplace, as well as a custodial platform for metaverse and gamefi assets. The platform is Initial NFT Offering, it combines with IDO. The platform gives a crowdfunding alternative for companies looking to raise funds and effectively manage their communities.

It enables users to create their own decentralized NFT exchange, which is a pacific store. That will allow developers to use a blockchain-based digital asset application to develop related dApps. The platform hosts features such as Browsing, Ranking, INO, Wallet, and more. 

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