Will The Current Crypto Crash Leave Top-Tier Altcoins In Jeopardy? Is An Alt Crash By 50% Programmed?

Will The Current Crypto Crash Leave Top-Tier Altcoins In Jeopardy? Is An Alt Crash By 50% Programmed?


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The world of digital coins has been going distant from its inherent traits, as the industry is now more prone to economic activities around the globe. In the interim, protagonists from the crypto town break down events from the past year, for a thorough analysis of the market cycle. 

What has been astonishing for the connoisseurs is that the majority of the top-tier assets have been under the bears’ control of bears for months. Which is despite the bullish stance of legacy coins and diverse sectors. The thesis has now been a concern for veterans from the industry, as the majority of the altcoins hold the future of the business.

The Space Has Been In A Bear Market For Months? 

  The recent crash in the crypto town has led to traders and savvies reconciling and breaking down the events from the past year. For a brief understanding of the market cycle, and its repercussions on digital assets. While legacy coins such as Bitcoin, and Ethereum, alongside emerging alts such as Solana, and Polygon, have retraced their prices to newer highs. 

In addition, NFTs and metaverse projects have also returned massive gains. Whereas a majority of top alts, were at peaks during the first bull run in 2021. Have not retraced their trajectories even during the bullish run in October, where BTC price had breached levels of $69k. Which has been astonishing for savvies from the industry.

Prominent alts such as Binance Coin, Chainlink, Litecoin, UniSwap, amongst others are down to extremes of 60%. And have not retraced their levels for over 9-months, despite being fundamentally sound. Which has been a growing concern for the business, as these hold utility and a bigger market cap than NFTs, metaverse, and other sectors.

Since Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot alone propel the industry to greater highs, the crypto-verse will continue to crawl at a snail’s pace. The top-tier alts rebounding is of utmost importance as these hold the potential to bring leaps and bounds of impetus.

Have NFTs And Metaverse Endangered High Cap Alts?

Individuals in the business over the months have grown keen on high-yielding digital assets such as NFTs, and metaverse. Over fundamentally strong alts, which has significantly impacted the digital coins. The implications of which have left the broader crypto market in cold.

As previously reported by CoinPedia, despite higher volumes of NFTs, metaverse, and other projects from the diverse market. Have been failing to uplift the market from the quagmire, owing to the lower market cap. While individuals have been benefiting from these assets, the crypto market, in general, has been suffering owing to the sluggish pace of high cap cryptos, which hold the potential to turntables. 

Concluding, high cap alts rebounding from the current gloom is the need of the hour, for the business to refute the bearish trends. While the market flourishing in diverse sectors is pivotal for influxing newer entrants. It is the high cap alts that need impetus for a bull run to commence. Hopefully, the market uplifts fundamentally strong high caps in near future.

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