FNCY Launches Own Mainnet With New Tokenomics

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Singapore Dec. 2, 2022 – FNCY, the Web3 entertainment platform presented by Metaverse World, a blockchain subsidiary of Netmarble F&C, launches its own mainnet today and they are one step closer to bring the Web3 world where people can enjoy complete access to all forms of entertainment such as games, web-toons, web-novels, K-Pop, metaverse and more to come.

Token Swap

FNCY successfully developed its own mainnet with BNB Sidechain, one of the biggest blockchain in the world. Due to its mainnet launch, FNCY opens a swap and bridge service to migrate $ITAMCUBE(its previous token) to $FNCY(FNCY Native Asset). The total supply has been reduced by 10:1 which is 1 billion. However the swap ratio of $ITAMCUBE:$FNCY is 1:1. The leftovers will be burnt.

FNCY’s Coming Projects

FNCY continues to update its services and products; games(MetaFootball, Yokai Dual, and more) soon to be onboarded, new services like FNCY membership and casual game platform, and a new NFT project(K-Pop idol IRRIS).

IRRIS is the first K-POP girl group presented by Taewon Entertainment which is the production company of the famous Korean series “Iris”. The detail of the project is available on FNCY website.

All FNCY’s services are easily accessible via FNCY App(AOS and iOS) and PC launcher.

“We are extending our partnership and detailed MOU with corporations from various industries to realize ‘blockchain in daily life’ by designing and applying the latest protocols and technologies. FNCY aims to be the perfect entertainment platform that connects digital contents like the metaverse with the reality starting from its own mainnet.” says SungHun Kim, CEO of Metaverse World Inc.

For more information visit fncy.world

About FNCY

FNCY brings entertainment powered by blockchain on the metaverse. The FNCY Web3 entertainment platform is built on a flexible and scalable native mainnet, where all forms of content come to life – from games to web comics and novels, DeFi to crypto wallet, and everything in-between.

About Metaverse World

METAVERSE World is a blockchain subsidiary of Netmarble F&C, expanding its vision into the NFTs and Metaverse sector, and it has recently joined the Metaverse Standards Forum to contribute to bolster the Metaverse technology overall.

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