GoDaddy Removes Fake Listing

GoDaddy Removes Fake Listing
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Alex Dovbnya

The domain is now available for $100 million

UPDATE: GoDaddy has removed the listing following Roger Ver’s complaint. The domain was never for sale.      

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The domain has been put up for sale on the website of web hosting company GoDaddy. The minimum offer is at least $100 million.

The website—which boasts around 7.71 million monthly visits—is owned by Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin adopter who turned away from the original cryptocurrency in 2017 due to high fees and became an ardent proponent of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

“Bitcoin Jesus” started controlling the domain in 2014. After temporarily leasing it to blockchain explorer service and to crypto exchange OKCoin, Ver went on to take over the site himself in 2015.

The domain directs users to a web portal that provides them with industry news, a crypto wallet, an exchange and other services.

The website appeared in hot water after allegedly labeling Bitcoin Cash as the actual Bitcoin to confuse crypto newbies, with some members of the community threatening legal action. Under severe pressure, it begrudgingly updated its block explorer page in 2018.

Should Elon Musk be the next owner?

Many Bitcoin maximalists are gloating over the domain sale since it indicates that Ver—whose favorite cryptocurrency is down 84 percent from its all-time high—is strapped for cash. Some are suggesting that Elon Musk should buy it.

Notably, Ver proudly tweeted that he renewed the domain with Bitcoin Cash on March 23:

I recently paid with Bitcoin Cash to renew the Bitcoin dot com domain name. Paying with Bitcoin would have cost more in fees than the renewal itself.

In May 2020, Ver also intended to buy the domain that is owned by pseudonymous Bitcoin Core developer Cobra.

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