MicroStrategy Adds Another $15 Million Worth Of Bitcoin at $59,339

MicroStrategy Adds Another $15 Million Worth Of Bitcoin at $59,339
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Yuri Molchan

MicroStrategy has purchased another 253 Bitcoins, coming close to holding 100,000 BTC

The CEO of MicroStrategy has just tweeted that the company has purchased another 253 Bitcoins at an average price of $59,339 per coin.

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At the moment, the financial software giant holds 91,579 BTC.

The previous BTC purchase made by the company took place on March 5, when MicroStrategy added 205 bitcoins (worth $10 million back on that day).

On Feb. 24, it added a staggering 19,452 Bitcoins$1.026 billionto its balance sheet.

CEO Michael Saylor has become one of the most influential Bitcoin evangelists recently after MicroStrategy started absorbing BTC in August last year.

Earlier, Saylor tweeted that his mission was to fix the world’s balance sheets. He even once admitted that his tweet helped Elon Musk make a decision to allocate $1.5 billion of Tesla’s capital into Bitcoin.

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