KIWIE to Release 1,001 “Fat Monster” NFTs: Details

KIWIE to Release 1,001 “Fat Monster” NFTs: Details
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Vladislav Sopov

Legendary street artists from Latvia, KIWIE, are ready to join NFT euphoria with world-scale release


“Fat Monster,” a popular street art character will be tokenized into 1,001 NFTs by the KIWIE team. The first batch of this unique collection becomes available next week.

“Real monsters” and “ghost monsters”

According to a press release shared with U.Today, Latvian street artists KIWIE are going to release 1,001 unique NFTs. Each of these non-fungible tokens will represent a “physical” street painting of “Fat Monster.”

KIWIE release 1001 NFTs
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Within the framework of this performance, 1,001 street spray paintings will appear in several cities across the globe. Each picture will be tokenized and made available for trading from day one.

Besides the “tokenized” Fat Monster, participants in this unparalelled NFT auction will receive a metal card representing the Fat Monster they bought.

Organizers of the auction stated that, should the “real world” painting be covered or removed by authorities, the NFT associated with it will turn into a “ghost monster.”

First five NFTs will be available on April 13 via Rarible marketplace

Kristaps Vaivods, lead business strategist at KIWIE and blockchain gaming veteran, outlines the importance of this release for the entire segment of street art:

The Fat Monster is a unique and iconic creation, and it’s different from what many other street artists do. I just love the global community that formed around the cute monsters, and I hope that the ability to really own a piece of street art will be even more inspirational.

KIWIE shared its plans to release the first five NFTs on Rarible, the leading marketplace for digital collectibles. The tokensale will begin on April 13, 2021.

The first batch of NFTs will represent existing artwork, while the next four drops will be composed of new spray paintings created especially for tokenization purposes.

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