BazarSwap, World’s First Decentralized P2P Exchange for ERC20 Tokens Kickstarts Operations

BazarSwap, World’s First Decentralized P2P Exchange for ERC20 Tokens Kickstarts Operations

The Ethereum blockchain has laid the foundation for the entire DApps revolution. Playing a major role in the industry’s growth are ERC20 tokens that fuel almost all projects that are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. While the number of ERC20 tokens continues to rise, the sector lacked dedicated trading infrastructure until BazarSwap came along.

BazarSwap is the world’s first decentralized OTC trading platform dedicated to ERC20 tokens. Created by the team behind Minereum Project – the first-ever self-mining crypto smart contract and token creation service, BazarSwap offers plenty of advantages over regular, centralized exchange and trading platforms dealing with ERC20 tokens. As a transparent, decentralized OTC exchange, it makes extensive use of auditable smart contracts while ensuring that users are always in control of their funds.

Features that Put Other Exchanges to Shame

Onn BazarSwap, users can trade any ERC20 token directly from their wallets. The platform is designed in such a way that the transfer of tokens put on sale will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet only after successful trade execution.

Participating in trades on BazarSwap requires users to connect their wallets once, and any balance in the connected wallet will automatically become available for sale. All connected wallets with a positive balance will be listed on the BazarSwap trade page and at any point in time, the user can delist their wallet by transferring all the tokens out of the connected wallet. Similarly, to reinitiate trading, they just have to fund the wallet again to get automatically listed on the platform. There is no limit to the number of addresses one can create to buy and sell ERC20 tokens at different prices.

By design, BazarSwap does not require a liquidity mechanism as the supply and demand are decided by user participation. In addition, the platform does not exhibit slippage and is capable of keeping the transaction gas costs at the minimum. Further sweetening the deal, BazarSwap has completely waived off exchange fees for now. However, the platform may start charging nominal fees in the near future, which is to be distributed among Minereum Fee Share Holders.

To become a Minereum Fee Share Holder and receive a share in the platform’s revenues, users can purchase the shares on Minereum Fee Share DEX against MNE payment.

Lucky Ones to Win Up to 6 ETH

Celebrating the landmark moment in Ethereum’s history, Minereum has announced a lucky draw promotion. Users can avail a free ticket for the promotion after setting up a token for sale on the BazarSwap exchange. The ticket can be collected from Minereum Lucky Draw page by entering the token contract address. Once collected, they must play the ticket before it expires to stand a chance to win as much as 6 ETH.

Along with BazarSwap, Minereum has also launched Coinleet, a cryptocurrency ranking platform that allows users to discover the best crypto based on its popularity and not marketcap or trading volumes. Ranking by popularity not only helps crypto users learn about the prevailing trends in the crypto industry but also offers them an opportunity to benefit by trading the ones in high demand at the right time.

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