Theta Labs to Bring NFTs to Millions of Poker Fans

Theta Labs to Bring NFTs to Millions of Poker Fans
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Alex Dovbnya

Move over, Ethereum! The World Poker Tour has chosen the Theta network for its NFT marketplace

The World Poker Tour, one of the leading poker brands, has partnered with Theta Labs to launch its collection of non-fungible tokens.  

Like NBA Top Shots, the WPT marketplace will feature a digital collection of some of the most iconic poker moments.  

Late professional poker player Mike Sexton is the face of the very first drop, with Darren Elias and Tony Dunst also being featured in the “legendary” tier. There are also “rare” and “common” packs.     

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The WPT NFTs will be auctioned off during the live premiere of new episodes of season 18 for a limited time, according to the press release:    

Each week during the episode, in-show advertisement and promotional segments will direct viewers to the NFT marketplace to queue up, purchase exclusive WPT packs for a limited time and participate in the live auction for a unique legendary poker moment.     

The pricing of new the WPT NFTs remains unclear, but they are unlikely to fetch such crazy sums of money as NBA Tops Shots since poker is not as popular as basketball.

Blockchains are pivoting to NFTs

While NFTs are typically issued on Ethereum-based platforms, other blockchains are vying to chip away at its dominance.

Enjin and Theta are among the latest projects that are trying to make their presence known in the booming crypto sector.

Zilliqa is also playing catch-up, recently announcing its partnership with boxing champ Terence Crawford.  

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