Public Mint Network (MINT) to Launch Easy-to-Use “Yield Farming” Solution EARN: Details

Public Mint Network (MINT) to Launch Easy-to-Use “Yield Farming” Solution EARN: Details
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Vladislav Sopov

Public Mint (MINT), a next-gen decentralized financial ecosystem, introduces EARN “yield farming” solution for multiple currencies


Public Mint (MINT), a user-friendly protocol for decentralized finances, shares the details of its intuitive program for “yield farming,” EARN.

Diversifying assets between CeFi and DeFi

Merging the benefits of centralized finances (centralized stablecoins, custodial exchanges) and decentralized finances (algorithmic stablecoins, DEXs) is the core idea behind Public Mint (MINT) protocol.

EARN diversifies assets between CeFis and DeFis
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Ideologically, it marries the reliable and regulated structures of centralized financial institutions with the previously unseen triple-digit annualized rewards of DeFi segment.

Within the framework of the EARN program, users’ funds are distributed between centralized and decentralized blockchain-based services to ensure maximum profits with a high level of reliability.

Ten percent of all funds brought by protocol enthusiasts are immediately transferred to an insurance fund designed to cover possible losses in the case of the unexpected insolvency of one or more Public Mint (MINT) partners.

Bringing your fiat USD to “yield farming”: introducing EARN

To start participating in the EARN program, users should first deposit their money to a Public Mint (MINT) account. Fiat U.S. Dollars can be deposited through wire transfers or ACH (for U.S. customers). USDC stablecoin integration is expected.

EARN clients will receive rewards in USD+ Dollar-pegged assets. Also, the system includes MINT governance tokens. MINT tokens are available for staking. MINT holders are eligible for significant trading discounts.

Fees collected from users will be disseminated between USD+ and MINT holders. The EARN program will launch around early Q3, 2021.

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