Apple Pay Added by Klever Wallet (KLV) in Simplex Integration

Apple Pay Added by Klever Wallet (KLV) in Simplex Integration
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Vladislav Sopov

Leading multi-platform cryptocurrencies storage and exchange ecosystem Klever (KLV) has added Apple Pay to its deposit options


Klever (KLV), an intuitive wallet for storage, exchange and staking major cryptocurrencies has partnered with leading fiat-to-crypto payment processor on the decentralized scene, Simplex, to add a crucial payment method to its toolkit.

Apple Pay has been added by Klever (KLV)

According to the press release shared with U.Today by the Klever (KLV) team, Apple Pay becomes available to its customers as the latest payment method.

Klever adds Apple Pay as payment method
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The Klever (KLV) team is certain that this release will bring new users to its ecosystem as 507 million iOS-based device users across the globe are using Apple Pay on a daily basis.

Apple Pay was added seamlessly through a collaboration between Klever (KLV) and Israeli-based firm Simplex, top-tier crypto-to-fiat payment processor. Simplex recently released its own banking solution that allows customers worldwide to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with familiar methods.

Klever representatives stressed that this addition comes “in time” as the application witnesses a record-breaking number of installations and downloads.

Klever (KLV) evolves into self-banking solution

Klever (KLV) also released a number of banking instruments to merge the benefits of centralized and decentralized finance. Meanwhile, more cryptoeconomic tools will be unveiled later this year.

Klever Exchange, Klever Browser, Klever Bank and Klever Blockchain are under development. The latest platform, Klever’s (KLV) native blockchain will be a backbone for the whole ecosystem.

Also, Klever (KLV) token staking is not tired of setting new records. At press time, 2.5 billion KLV tokens are staked, which is equal to 74 percent of its net supply.

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