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Cryptocurrencies are booming in popularity. The currently ongoing bull run has attracted massive interest from both institutional and retail investors.

One of the best ways to gauge retail interest is through the trends on Google – when people search for crypto-related terms frequently.

Search Volume for ‘bitcoin’ and ‘crypto.’ Source: Google Trends

As seen in the above image, the searches for “bitcoin” and “crypto” have both increased massively in 2021, with the latter surpassing the former all-time high from back in late 2017.

What’s more important is that we are seeing large corporations trying to cater to the surging interest. PayPal, for instance – the world’s leading online payment processor, just recently launched a cryptocurrency checkout service that allows users to spend their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash to its network comprised of millions of different merchants.

This creates a demand for cryptocurrencies, and it also raises the question – where do users buy them from?

Well, the truth is that there are hundreds of various cryptocurrency exchanges where one can buy cryptocurrency. However, getting the best rate is an entirely different ballgame.

There’s spread across the different platforms, which means that sometimes you can expect a difference of a few percentages depending on where you buy from.

This is something that Swapzone attempts to tackle, allowing investors to get the best rates available on the market.

What is Swapzone?

Swapzone is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. It’s worth noting that it’s a crypto-to-crypto platform, and, as such, users cannot buy cryptocurrencies using fiat.

The team aims at providing users with a one-stop platform to allow them to make informed decisions when it comes to exchanging crypto.

Swapzone gathers the information from their service providers, selects comparative parameters, aggregates, and sorts out the deals to present all the options through one easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The main goal is to make the swapping space understandable, transparent, and unified.

Some of the major benefits of the platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Users don’t have to register an account.
  • A range of different coins and tokens to choose from.
  • The ability to choose between service providers.
  • Exchange offers are sorted by the best available rate, speed, and rating.

It’s also non-custodial, as mentioned above. This means that at no point will Swapzone get control over your private keys. Remember – not your keys = not your crypto.

How to Use Swapzone?

Another benefit of the platform is that it’s intuitive and easy-to-use, so it’s really not a hassle. First things first, when you land on the homepage, you should choose the currency you wish to exchange and the one you wish to receive.

This is how it looks like:


You can see all the available exchanges in a list, and you can also see the best rates available. Additionally, Swapzone also provides details on KYC and AML policies that their partners have. It displays the pros and cons of the exchanges and also shows individualized ratings.

As soon as you’re happy with your choice, you need to click on the exchange button and input an address where you’d like to receive the tokens you want to purchase.

Once you’ve done that, you’d be provided with an address to send the currency you wish to exchange. As soon as you deposit, the transaction will be initiated, and you will receive the tokens in the designated wallet you provided earlier.

It’s worth noting that some exchanges might require a higher number of confirmations so that the exchange time may vary. However, Swapzone has provided estimations of how quickly you can expect the transaction to come through.

The aggregator receives the exchange rates directly from their service providers. At the time of this writing, Swapzone has partnered with more than ten exchanges, though they are expanding relatively quickly.

All in all, it looks like a solid solution for users who don’t wish to scout for the best available market rates on their own and want all the information readily available and compiled at one convenient interface.


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