Uniqly.io, A Project that Streamlines the NFT Market

Uniqly.io, A Project that Streamlines the NFT Market

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are among the hottest assets of the season as crypto-collectibles continue to gain popularity. However, the true potential of these crypto tokens remains unrealized due to the glaring gap between virtual and physical assets.

In the current setting, irrespective of the value and rarity of the NFT one holds, they still remain intangible. However, it is all going to change with Uniqly – a revolutionary crypto project bridging the gap between NFTs and physical products.

As a full-fledged DeFi and NFT ecosystem, Uniqly offers a suite of tools including staking pools, escrow, exchange platform, NFT marketplace, and more to enable the growth of the NFT economy while offering limitless opportunities to the creators and consumers to benefit from it.

Introducing Product-Backed DIY NFTs

Developing blockchain applications is not a simple task as it requires at least some coding experience and a certain degree of familiarity with the space.

However, an artist or a designer does not necessarily have those skills, but they are quite capable of creating some of the most sought after and valuable items.

Uniqly enables them to convert their creations to NFTs and sell them to a much wider market. Starting with the apparel segment, Uniqly’s product generator allows users to conceptualize their own designs, turn them into NFTs and put them up on sale on the platform’s marketplace.

Simultaneously, the platform through its partners will turn these designs into a reality by creating an actual physical product and later store it in their secure vault.

Meanwhile, anyone accessing the Uniqly marketplace can purchase these NFTs, trade them against other NFTs or cryptocurrencies, just like they would do with any other digital asset.

In case the NFT owner decides to get the actual product, they will have to burn that NFT and simply pay for the physical item materialization.

Tokenize and Trade Your Valuables

Apart from the NFTs designed using the Generator, Uniqly allows users to digitize their physical belongings of value for sale and exchange on the platform.

Users can create NFTs of goods they wish to sell and ship the actual product to Uniqly’s secure warehouse facility where it will be evaluated and stored – similar to an escrow facility.

If the product passes scrutiny, the NFTs generated will be approved by the platform, allowing the creator to list it on the marketplace and trade it with others.

Making NFTs come to Life

While the escrow-like vault facility enables physical backing for each NFT created on the platform, opening a whole new avenue for individuals to tokenize their valuables, it also helps materialize NFTs from digital assets to real, physical ones.

The NFT Token Materialization solution on the platform allows users to order two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional models of the NFTs they own, complete with QR codes to trace ownership.

Uniqly and UNIQ

Uniqly is supported by UNIQ ERC20 utility tokens which not only act as a medium for value exchange within the ecosystem but also imparts additional benefits to token holders.

The benefits of UNIQ extend to commission discount on purchases, share in profits generated by the platform, staking rewards and exclusive access to special NFTs and more.

Uniqly recently concluded an extraordinarily successful public token sale which was completely sold out in under 4 minutes, creating a new record compared to the previous round that took full 10 minutes before the conclusion.

With UNIQ set to be listed on Uniswap on April 15, 2021, those who were not part of the public sale can also access and enjoy the token’s benefits. To mark the latest milestone, the platform has announced the Uniswap listing contest where users can win exciting giveaways. More details about the contest are available here.

Learn more about Uniqly at – https://www.uniqly.io/

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