Kardiachain’s ‘KAIDEX’ aims to bring DeFi and CeFi to crypto traders

Traders have become used to the decentralized functionality offered to them through the explosion in DEXs that have flooded the cryptocurrency space this year, but one project wants to bring to blockchain the functionality that traders see in the traditional finance space.

Vietnamese blockchain Kardiachain has taken a step towards its goal of launching such a project, KAIDEX. It describes the project as a unique DEX platform that gives traders unparalleled functionality.

Dual node technology

The platform has been designed from the ground up to use Kardiachain’s dual node technology, which gives users all the benefits of a DEX. 

It gives uses complete control over their wallets and assets along with the ability to seamlessly switch between blockchains—both public and private—to aid communication and boost speed.

“KardiaChain’s Team is working hard to build a user-centric platform. We want to bring users the ultimate DEX experience and aim to increase mass adoption of blockchain and crypto with our unique products,” said Huy Nguyen, CTO and Co-founder of Kardiachain, 

He noted the team’s objective was to have KAIDEX ready for launch later this year, adding:

“Launching the KAIDEX landing page is the first step to the next phase. This will feature IDO Platform (Initial Dex Offering), cross-chain lending, cross-chain swap, and cross-chain farming.”

New DEX tech

KAIDEX is built upon Dual Node, a patent-pending technology that Kardiachain believes can revolutionize multi-chain swapping, and which they say allows simultaneous access to ledgers of KardiaChain and another blockchain of choice.

Kardiachain is working to include a host of features on the platform, including Trading tools: Stop and Market Order, and Limit Order, low slippage, fast transfer speed, and low fees.

The objective is to deliver speed and performance that matches centralized exchanges, and provides customers with high liquidity and very fast settlements. 

KardiaChain is the world’s first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform. Its mission is to bring a competitive edge to enterprises and governments through blockchain technology. 

The firm’s approach is to partner with existing service providers (enterprises and governments), and help them transform their centralized products/services.

Using its patented cross-chain technology, KardiaChain’s Private-Public Blockchain Platform (PPBP) solves the biggest dilemma in blockchain adoption for institutional clients: privacy versus transparency.

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