Learn & Earn Free TON Validation Results

Learn & Earn Free TON Validation Results
It’s just in! Validation results are in! 

In honesty, it was a hell of a job to get through the validation responses. And here’s where we stand:

  • We received close to two hundred quiz submissions by the community. We trimmed them down to ONLY keep unique and quality questions (read all about it HERE).
  • The resulting 48 questions found their way into two validation packs. These packs went through a number of validation rounds by the community (validation rules HERE).
  • Each question with a sufficient number of validations also got some love from our team at CEX.IO in order to check whether the creator did a good job, the question makes sense and has the right answer. 
  • In the end, we got 40 questions Approved!

Now we have enough to award:

? Creators of the Approved questions;

? First three validators of each approved question who ALSO got the answer right;

? Validators who correctly rejected questions that did not pass validation.

Here’s a real example of how the rules worked in practice:

Some observations:

? There were ninjas, some real Free TON experts who did a good job validating questions. You guys rock! And when everyone sees the same validator’s name repeating in multiple questions – know your heroes! They were first AND they were right.

? Some people tried their luck and validated the questions without a clue, at random. Also a strategy! But we only reward the validations with a correct answer. You know how it goes.

 ? Very few, almost none, offered improvements to questions. Yet, there is ALWAYS a way a question can be better. Without suggestions for improvement, the validation reward is only 0.5 TON Crystal (back to validation rules).

 ? We checked to make sure the question creator and question validators are different people. 



Before we share the results table:

 ❗ If you submitted a question, and your name is NOT on the creators’ list  – that means your question did not pass by quality or uniqueness. More details HERE

Our judgment of whether the question met the quality requirements was final.  

And the timestamp determines which question among a few identical becomes unique. 

❗ If you validated questions, and your name is NOT on the validator’s list – that means you were not among the first 3 to validate AND answer a question correctly.  

The timestamp on validations determines who met validation criteria first. 

Those who did not get into the winning pack – you’ll have plenty of chances in the future. Remember, is not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up and try again. 

One more thing:

?  There were questions that we had to reject at the validation stage. These questions did not pass the scrutiny of our internal team review. In other words, we tried and massaged a question, but it just could not be saved. And to make it work, we’d need to redo it from scratch. Hence, no pass. 

Interestingly, validators were very reluctant to reject questions. So, only one gets a reward for properly identifying a wrong question. 


Now, let’s get to the rewards table!

Let’s make it rain Crystals

Important – at the moment of article publishing, the rewards are not yet sent to the recipients. Give us time. When we send – we’ll update the community.


Question 34 – we messed up! Instead of the author’s answer options, we used the wrong ones. So, after making sure the question is valid internally, we awarded the creator and one brave soul who spotted that something is fishy. Good eye! 

Well, that’s it for validation. We are now summing up the totals for the creators and validators. So we can ship Crystals to those who worked for them! 

Missed the action? We are soon opening the Testing Stage of LEFT! And it continues!

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