XRP Surpasses Bitcoin on Yearly Gain, Regains Entry Into The Top 5

XRP Price Rallies More Than 25%

XRP price has gained a very bullish momentum mainly due to the ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit. As the lawsuit appears to have moved in the favour of Ripple, the executives filed a motion to dismiss SEC’s suit. With the immense positive market sentiments surrounding the asset, XRP price rose like a giant.

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Coinpedia had earlier reported that XRP price may hit $2 anytime from now and hence the most awaited event is on the toes. Moreover, the price is expected to hit more than $6 in the coming week as per an analyst. The analyst Rob XRP has predicted the most bullish price prediction of XRP to hit $170 in coming 10-12 months. 

Now when the search for XRP is trending up in the United States, the demand may also go up. Therefore, a serious crisis may be fast approaching in the country as most of the exchanges have not yet relisted XRP. This may eventually lead to an accelerated XRP bull run due to low supply. 

XRP Target Fixed at $2.20 today!

XRP price rally has surpassed bitcoin in terms of yearly gains. With more than 920% returns of XRP compared to 838% returns of Bitcoin. The entire crypto market is worth more than $2.26 trillion now and XRP is heading strongly to become the third $100 billion asset soon.

Being an inch close to achieve yet another milestone, the target for today’s day close is set above $2. One of the popular analysts MackAttack XRP believes the price may achieve $2.20 by the end of the current trading day.

However, some of the analysts also expect a slight pullback for the XRP price close to $1.68. Post to which an intensified bull run to $10 appears inevitable. Once the Ripple-SEC’s lawsuit is settled, the crypto space may witness yet another XRP price rally that may also smash three digit figures.

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