Ethereum Price Breaks the Barriers In the Wake of Berlin Network Upgrade!

Ethereum Price Rally Towards $3000 Programmed

Ethereum prices have kept everyone on their toes by marking new highs every new day. And with the latest upgrade, the price is may rally high. The Berlin Network Upgrade which is an inch close to go live may be one of the important upgrades in history. The upgrade focuses on the main issue with the Ethereum platform, Skyrocketing Gas Fees!

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Ahead of the upgrade, ETH price broke the upper barriers and rallied high to hit the ATH at $2,481.84 in the early hours of trade. However, the price is expected to rally high and attain the milestone at $3000 very soon.

Moreover, according to another analyst, Michael van de Poppe, Ethereum will most likely flip Bitcoin in this cycle. And therefore, one must not be surprised if the ETH price hits the highest records in the coming days. 

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Whales Are Accumulating!

ETH price was rejected when it was an inch close to surpass the $2500 resistance levels. Moreover, the price sustained for a couple of hours close to $2500 intending to break the upper resistance levels. Woefully, the price sustained a slight pull back yet aimed to fly high any moment from now. 

One of the popular analysts, RESEARCH 24/7, has predicted the next stop for ETH price may be somewhere around $2500. As per the analyst, after smashing the crucial resistance at $2393, the bull now aims to propel the price above $2500.

Collectively, the Berlin network upgrade is expected to go live any moment and accelerate the Ethereum price rally. However, many believe ETH price is still much undervalued and hence may go very far amid the bull run.  

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