Polars Platform Announced the Date of its Official Launch

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Polars Platform announced the date of its official launch of beta testing of the main functionality of the application on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet. Testing will begin on April 25.

Users will be able to mint and burn polar tokens, add and remove liquidity, swap polar tokens, and farm the governance token POL. At the moment, there is an entry into the white list of testers and more than 4,000 users have already expressed a desire to join the testing.


Polars are planning to become the leaders of the Prediction Market in the Defi space. They intend to solve the main problem of this market – low liquidity. Liquidity providers and users who place bets are encouraged to invest not in specific forecasts and events, but in polar tokens, the price of which is consistently influenced by the results of various events from the real world. Since at one point in time the interests of all stakeholders of the Polars platform intersect at once, constant excess liquidity of polar tokens is expected.

The Polars concept is simple: There are two polar tokens, WHITE and BLACK. There are 2 teams White Team and Black team. If the White Team wins, the WHITE token will grow, and the BLACK token will fall by the same amount. If the Black Team wins, the BLACK token will grow, and the WHITE token will fall by the same amount. The aggregate price of the polar tokens WHITE and BLACK will remain unchanged.

Which team will win and which will lose is consistently influenced by the results of external events. It can be sporting events, exchange rates and any other events in which there are opposing sides. Users are encouraged to buy polar tokens, thereby making a prediction of the results of those events that affect these polar tokens.

Additionally, this week Polars announced a strategic partnership with the audit firm ZOKYO, which will do an in-depth audit of smart contracts for Polars. Zokyo is a market-leading blockchain technology company with a mission to secure and build Web 3. Zokyo’s cybersecurity team leverages a real­ world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

Now users have the opportunity to join the white list of testers in order to gain access to testing the platform. There are several advantages for testers: access to the pre-sale of POL governance tokens and participation in the airdrop after the POL is listed on Uniswap.

About Polars

The new DeFi platform for creating secure polar tokens, the price of which depends on the results of specific external events. Within the POLARS platform, users can buy, sell and exchange polar tokens, as well as participate in the distribution of the platform’s commission income.

For more info: Website | Telegram


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