Analyst Picks Top Altcoins To Watch This Week – DOGE, BNB, VET, DOT

Popular Crypto Analyst and Youtuber, Ben Armstrong AKA BitBoy Crypto, In a video reveals which altcoins he would invest in this momentary dip.

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He believes the altcoin season has many different levels and layers to it, and what happened last week was a massive run-up. Hence, it is premature to say the altcoin season is over.

The trader plans on investing in the following altcoins currently. First up on his radar is Vechain and Dogecoin, he says his investment in Dogecoin would be for the sake of adding them to the portfolio and not for any other solid reason.

Moving further, he mentions Binance Coin, the token has shown a lot of momentum he believes. it has been rallying massively followed by a large retracement. 

“ that it has dipped, you can expect these coins like Binance Coin and Ethereum especially to have really really really hard rebounds.”

Next up on his watch is Polkadot, he acknowledges that the token is performing poorly compared to its peers Binance and Ethereum. As it has been down 15% i.e bigger than any other coin in the market it is the perfect timing to buy the dip.

“I think today is a great day, I’m probably going to add about another six figures, maybe $200,000 or $300,000 worth of Polkadot.”

Will April Be a Negative Month?

In his video, he also addresses the recent fall of Bitcoin prices and calls it mostly a flash crash. Although currently, the market is not getting that one massive bitcoin move, he says it’s going to happen when it’s least expected of it.

On the question of whether April is going to be a negative month for the crypto markets. He believes that’s a fair possibility and it would be “kind of healthy” for that to happen.

Adding to that he also says, nobody wishes for the bull run to end abruptly and fall to $35000 any time soon.

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