Bitcoin Price Poised to Hit $70K! Predicts Popular Analyst

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Well-known Crypto analyst and trader Noma has predicted that Bitcoin Price would rise again and witness a bigger bull run shortly.

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The analyst is credible for his previous accurate prediction of Bitcoin’s huge crash from $60000 to as low as $50000.

He tells his 128,300 Twitter followers that he was sure Bitcoin would ambush bulls with a fake breakout just as crypto exchange Coinbase goes public.

The trader also believes that the worst of the pullback has come to an end. He predicts for Bitcoin to rally back up to $70000.

In his opinion, he says that this huge pullback Bitcoin just experienced doesn’t mark the end of the crypto bull market in anyways, and it’s only going to bounce back and rise higher than ever.

“This ain’t the top by the way. This would be the weirdest top I’ve seen. Pullbacks are part of the process. If you’re bullish, pullbacks are what you need to compound your gains even further. Hence, where BULLISH SELLING comes from.”

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market took a dive on Saturday, with the largest cryptocurrency falling as low as $52,810 according to CoinGecko. This massive change sent shudders across the crypto ecosystem, resulting in $7.9 Billion in liquidations.

Loma’s opinion on the 7.9 Billion liquidations was,“You ideally want to conduct business when people are forced to trade out of necessity.”

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