Altcoins to Buy In the Dip: Elrond, TRAC, Uniswap, Harmony, IRIS

The Cryptocurrency market after a great bull run for various altcoins has now entered into the consolidation phase. Tokens are currently finding their support level and aim to surge higher. The current bear market could be the best opportunity to take entrance into investing in tokens that will break out and surge higher in the next cycle.

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Well-known Crypto analyst and Youtuber “Satoshi Stacker” in a new video puts out a list of Altcoins that are worth buying in the dip and will most likely recover and perform well in days to come.

Elrond Network

First up on his list is the public blockchain Elrond Network. The protocol provides speed and security through its proof of stake consensus. Earlier last week it’s rallied to reach its all-time high of $244 and currently, the price has dipped 22%. The analyst says, after the end of this correction the token will surge high again 

Origin Trial(TRAC)

His next pick is Origin Trail (TRAC), the project built on Polkadot, already has a use case in the real world. The token got to its ATH last month and has been in a consolidating range since then. It has had a 24% dip, the analyst believes, it could rise above its consolidation level and also break out of it and have a massive rally. 

Uniswap (UNI)

Third on the list is the popular Dex platform Uniswap, although it is a successful coin it has an even greater potential to surge high. The launch of Uniswap V3 in the next couple of weeks will catapult its growth. UNI is down 17% from its recent surge to $40, buying in this dip could be very beneficial.

Harmony (ONE) 

Next on the list is Harmony, the scalability platform on Etheruem, the protocol is extremely cheap and fast. It has surged to its ATH of 22 cents and is currently plummeted by 41%. It is certain for the token to surge back to its previous level which will account for a good gain if invested now.


This a project on the Kosmos ecosystem. It provides infrastructure for the internet of blockchains that Kosmos is creating. The token was at its ATH a week ago. Since then it has plunged 32%. This position makes for a good entry to invest, as it will surge higher anytime soon.

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