Cardano Leads the Pack With $26 Billion Staked so Far, With Polkadot in 2nd Place

Cardano and Polkadot stakes have been boosted, with the two networks continuing to dominate the ranking of capitalizations at risk.

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Cardano is currently the most valuable blockchain in terms of staked value, according to StakingRewards, with about $ 26.4 billion in ADA allocated to network security. It has a total market capitalization of $ 36.6 billion, which means that 73% of all ADAs in circulation are staked. 

The platform bettors are expected to win a 7.22% annual payout, according to StakingRewards.

Polkadot is the second most valuable crypto asset in terms of staked value, with $ 22.7 billion in DOT locked – accounting for 64% of its circulating supply. Staking incentives for DOT are calculated to be over 13% on an annual basis.

Cardano and Polkadot collectively account for 7.9% of the $ 620.6 billion in crypto assets set aside for staking in the entire crypto asset industry. 

While Polkadot and Cardano have long dominated the locked-in value staking industry, the rankings of other leading assets have recently shifted significantly.

With $ 9.4 billion in stake capital, Solana has surpassed ETH2 to take third position in stake capitalization. SOL staking and authentication necessitates the asset being time-locked and removed from circulation, which may explain the difference and explain why its milestone cap is about $ 8 billion higher than its market cap. SOL bettors make an annual profit of 11%.

Tezos, the king of staking, has dropped to the eleventh position with a market cap of $ 3.5 billion, or 5.5 percent per year. According to a TUSEN survey from mid-December 2020, Tezos was ranked fourth. According to Coingecko, XTZ fell from the top ten to number 35 in terms of total capitalization.

Though ETH bettors currently receive over 7% per year, Ethereum’s forthcoming chain merger is expected to significantly boost rewards as bettors begin to obtain fees from the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM.

According to ETH2 researcher Justin Drake, staking rewards will at least double as a result of the channel merger, with rewards potentially rising to 25% per year.

Avalanche, Algorand, USDC, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron are the only networks still in the top ten for stake capitalization.

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