Tron Blockchain Partners with DAO Maker Incubator. What Does This Mean for Crypto Community?

Tron Blockchain Partners with DAO Maker Incubator. What Does This Mean for Crypto Community?
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Vladislav Sopov

One more project empowered its customers with the opportunity to access Tron (TRX) blockchain seamlessly


DAO Maker promotes itself as an incubator where early-stage projects can raise funds via novel models of token offering. It has now partnered with Tron (TRX) blockchain, one of the leading smart contracts environments on the modern crypto scene.

DAO Maker has partnered with Tron (TRX) blockchain

According to a press release shared with U.Today, Tron (TRX) blockchain and DAO Maker (DAO) incubator for project funding have entered a strategic partnership. Within the new collaboration, all DAO Maker services will be seamlessly accessible on the Tron (TRX) platform.

DAO Maker partners Tron
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Additionally, Tron-based projects will be able to harness DAO Maker (DAO) opportunities to raise initial funding.

Besides fundraising, DAO Maker assists projects in gathering solid and passionate communities as inevitable aspects of sustainable progress. This goal is achieved through “social mining” instruments.

Thus, resonating with Tron’s (TRX) multi-million-person audience is of paramount importance for DAO Maker (DAO) development, in particularin the segment of decentralized financial applications (DeFis).

Reconsidering tokensale models: Introducing strong hold offering

DAO Maker pioneers the concept of a “string hold offering,” or SHO. It leverages chain analysis, user activity data and other parameters to detect which allocation applicants are the best fit for a project.

SHOs are responsible for the allocation of the majority of locked tokens. The project, therefore, can choose the audience welcomed for participation in the token offering.

Justin Sun, founder of Tron and CEO of BitTorrent, highly rates the prospects of his platform’s new partner:

We are excited to be partnering with an industry leader like DAO Maker to bring cross-chain community incubation and fundraising to TRON.

The details of the first-ever SHO on Tron (TRX) will be revealed soon, according to a joint statement.

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