Hedge Your Crypto with Smart Investments in Stock and Other Assets

Hedge Your Crypto with Smart Investments in Stock and Other Assets

You can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance SimpleFX is the world’s leading crypto-first trading app that’s always ahead of the competition, providing the best trading experience and the fastest payments with the lowest fees.

Bitcoin price has fallen sharply after hitting the all-time highs at $64,766 ahead of Coinbase exchange debut on April 14. A painful reminder for cryptocurrency bulls that growth is not guaranteed, and even if BTC is the future, the ride will be bumpy.

SimpleFX allows you to hedge your long cryptocurrency positions with other investments if you are a bitcoin maximalist. If you believe we are at the top of the crypto bubble, you can use SimpleFX to capitalize on your cryptocurrency gains and make more profit trading forex, Tesla, Google, Toyota, gold, virtually any asset you can imagine.

The best part about SimpleFX is that they are very flexible. If you’d like to trade a symbol that you don’t find in their offer, just shoot them an e-mail, and they will add it in the next update of their platform, which happens very often. If you are interested in local European, Brazilian, or Turkish companies, you can also find it on SimpleFX.

SimpleFX team makes sure their platform is up to date with the hottest cryptocurrency trends. They were one of the first to introduce Binance Go to SimpleFX

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