Interoperability Links Independent Blockchains: Merkle Technologies Presented an Innovative Project

How efficient could the 21st-century world become with interoperability linking different new and existing blockchains? This possibility arrives in the form of Merkle Technologies, providing fast, scalable, and secure transactions. 

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The limitations of previous blockchains

Since the launch of Bitcoin, blockchain has been at the forefront of technological minds and innovation. However, Bitcoin, and subsequent blockchains, have all had a major flaw. Although the number of Transactions Per Second (TPS) has steadily increased with the arrival of new blockchains, they have each individually been limited by their maximum TPS. 

The scalability of most existing and new blockchains is limited by the prime TPS for each blockchain. The idea of blockchains that have a high TPS is an attractive proposition for most businesses operating in many major markets. The health sector, education, finance, and many other sectors can benefit from the application of blockchain. 

Interoperability is key

Merkle Technologies is a new blockchain that works with existing and future independent blockchains. This innovative technology sits on top of the independent blockchains and provides the interoperability to scale each system exponentially.  

Such interoperability will bring one single interface that the world can use to utilize all blockchains. There is no longer a need to be tied to one single limited system when you can access them all. Merkle Technologies also acts as security against fraud and theft with any blockchain. 

This new blockchain is one-of-a-kind. The architecture of Merkle Technologies is versatile and able to be used for many different applications. It is a general-purpose blockchain that offers secure communication. Both private and public blockchains can communicate effortlessly with no data being revealed. 

Putting features at the developer’s fingertips

Merkle Technologies is built on Minerva Core, and the Software Development Kit (SDK) that will be used by developers encompasses all the Minerva Core and Merkle Technologies features. 

No longer will developers be limited by the architecture they need to use. This will increase creativity and allow more businesses and business sectors to use blockchain. 

In conclusion

Merkle Technologies is an advancement in blockchain that will be felt everywhere. The possibilities for businesses and developers have been made greater by this unique technology. The world of cryptocurrency has been opened to many more markets and business sectors.  

Such advancement is reality, and the scalability of the interoperability of blockchain is the ingredient for success. Merkle Technologies is the way forward, bringing an unparalleled level of freedom.

editorial staff