yAxis Project Announces MetaVault Incentives for Headline APY on USD Stablecoins

yAxis earns returns on USD stablecoin through its yield farming portfolio. Today, yAxis begins incentivizing the vault with YAXIS tokens that will increase the potential returns on deposits.

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Making DeFi Easy

yAxis aims to make DeFi easy and accessible. The vault allocates capital across multiple yield aggregators like Yearn, Idle, Curve, to secure attractive long-term returns on behalf of users.

Ninety five percent of digital assets are not leveraging DeFi, deemed too confusing or risky. 

yAxis is building towards their Canonical Vaults launch in July which will support BTC, ETH and LINK assets.

MetaVault Rewards

yAxis today kickstarts rewards to the vault, incentivizing users to deposit and earn across the initially deployed yearn finance USDC and DAI strategies.

Anticipating this milestone, a recent 500% increase in deposits brings the platform to over $60M TVL before launch.

Backed to succeed by the 0x_b1 twitter account, security of funds is the top priority. The vault has been audited by both Quantstamp and Haechi and has been subject to a public bug bounty for several months. In addition, the vault does not allow smart contract interactions, preventing flash loan attacks or other innovative exploits.

Finally, these funds are monitored 24/7 to give depositors the peace of mind to sit back and realize passive income from their stablecoins. 

Find out more about yAxis and MetaVault:

yAxis Website: https://www.yaxis.io 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yaxis_project 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yaxis-project 

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