Cosmos Price Prediction, Is $100 Approaching in 2021?

Cosmos (ATOM) price recently boomed and surprised many including many big hands. Record breaking volumes were registered which was missing since inception that rallied the price to new highs. 

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Watching the mammoth rally, do you wish to hold some coin or already have your share? 

And yet want to explore about its future? Or want to know how high it will go in 2021 or further? Either way, all of your questions will be answered in this piece of writing.


Cryptocurrency Cosmos
Token ATOM
Price $ 20.5400
Market cap $ 4,894,855,238.0000
Circulating Supply $ 238,526,146.8864
Trading Volume  $ 0.0000
All time high $ 28.3200     April 15, 2021
All time low $ 1.1600     March 13, 2020

Cosmos (ATOM) Fundamental Analysis

Cosmos is one such project that aims to address the issues related to ‘Proof-of-Work’ applied by many major projects within the blockchain industry. The main goal of the project is to simplify the blockchain system with less complexity.

The project was first outlined back in 2014 by founding Tendermint by Jae Kwon, Zarko Milosevic and Ethan Buchman, which is the main contributor for the project. Further in 2016, the whitepaper was released and the native token of the project ‘ATOM’ was also launched by holding a sale. 

Cosmos is one of the veterean project that exist from quite a long time. And hence the asset is available for trade on many platforms. Currently it is traded on Binance, Bittrex, Kraken,, Huobi, Poloniex and other popular exchanges.

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Cosmos Price Prediction 2021

The ATOM price is currently strongly consolidating above $20 which may be considered as a clear signal of upcoming bull run. The price may rally and surpass $30 by August or September. Moreover, if a strong bull run is considered, then the price may jump and also touch $50 by the end of 2021.

Cosmos Price Prediction 2022

The price is expected to rally high by gaining 2X momentum and also multiply accordingly. By attracting many traders, the volume is also expected to rise significantly and by the end of 2021, the price may double than the current price to reach above $40. 

Cosmos Price Prediction 2025

The coin showed good growth since its listing stage. The year 2024 will see a lot of ups and downs as the year will start with $54 and fluctuate between $54-$57. Eventually, 2025 will be a stable year as the price will trade in between $63 – $67.05.

Our Prediction

It will be interesting to see whether Cosmos will reach its greatest heights of $60 by the end of 2021. Although the whole crypto market is highly volatile, any asset could fall from an upward trajectory. Therefore, considering the price movements from the history and the current fluctuations, ATOM price may reach close to $40 to $45 by the end of 2021. However, if the coming five year price variations are considered, then it may hit $100 with an extreme bullish rally. 

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Historical Market Sentiments


The Cryptocurrency, Cosmos (ATOM) got listed on Coinmarketcap on March 14, 2019 trading at $6.64 without any market capitalization. The price showed a gradual increase to $7.36 on March 17, 2019, which again fell down to $4.83 the very next day. According to the sources, the price decreased after the Binance listing. The coin continues to trade in the range of $3 – $5 till the end of 2019.


The Cosmos price maintained a similar price movement as in 2019, throughout the year 2020. The price which started the trade at the beginning of the year close to $5, plunged notably close to $1 by mid of march. Further the price surged steadily to hit the yearly highs above $8 by the end of August 2020. However, the price despite certain pullbacks closed the yearly trade above $5 showcasing less volatility.


Similar to 2020, the yearly trade initiated above $5, which spike remarkably to hit $23.85 by the end of February 2021. The price however, dipped to some extent, yet maintained the range close to $20. The rally again gained a strong bullish momentum in the first week of April that propelled the price to hit ATH at $28.49 on April 15. 

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