Altcoins seem to Be Gearing Up! XRP Price Is Ready to Surge Again

Trader and analyst Crypto Kaleo says that XRP Price, as well as five other crypto properties, are poised to reach fresh new highs.

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According to the pseudonymous investor, who continues to earn a large following with his shrewd altcoin calls, XRP and five other altcoins are about to burst, as he tells his 235,800 followers in his new tweetstorm.

Crypto Kaleo says that he’s buying XRP after the fourth-largest crypto asset broke out from its downtrend in the lower timeframe.On the breakout, The trader also went ahead and took a bag of XRP. According to him when XRP makes a jump like this, it usually doesn’t slow down until it reaches a higher high. And he sure does not want to stand on the sidelines and watch.

A new higher high for XRP indicates a leap beyond its 52-week high of 1.96, implying at least a 40% increase from its current price of $1.40.

XRP token price was going up in the last 24-hours. It was trading at $1.34, over 4.4% down,while the trading volume grew by 77%.

Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin, a blockchain gaming network, is another coin on Kaleo’s list (ENJ). According to the trader, ENJ has broken through its diagonal resistance, indicating that the token will rise at least 15% from its current price of $2.60.

ENJ Similar outlook on the USD chart. Looking for a move back to $3+.”

Holochain (HOT)

Next up is Holo (HOT), a decentralized hosting platform that, according to the trader, is poised to resume its uptrend following a multi-week correction. 

He said that he picked a bag of HOT here to get some exposure to a low sat alt in case we see anything like we did last month. His guess is that we might see a breakout/retest, then a few days of upward chop before it really begins to move.

OXY, the utility token of Solana-based prime brokerage protocol Oxygen, is also on the trader’s radar. OXY is expected to reach its all-time high of $4.16, according to Kaleo. 

He says tat he is still a big OXY fan here. Checking range highs with a clean double bottom. According to him there should be clear skies to $4.50+ if it breaks above the green rectangle.

MAPS is on Kaleo’s to-do list as well. The Solana-based travel and navigation platform, according to the crypto analyst, has a lot of upside potential from its current price of $1.83.

MAPS feels like the forgotten about Sam coin. Another member of the Solana ecosystem that’s been solid, but still really hasn’t done too much. It broke out of a long-term range recently to new highs, retested the breakout, and looks ready for continuation higher. I am long.”

The last coin on Kaleo’s radar is Raydium (RAY), a Solana-based automated market maker that the trader expects to burst now that it has broken through its $13.00 resistance. RAY, according to the trader, has the potential to generate returns of over 100%.

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