Ebay exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions

Ebay exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions

Major online marketplace eBay will be pursuing crypto payment options for its customers as well as exploring ways to introduce nonfungible tokens to the platform.

In an interview with CNBC today, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone said the company would “continue to look” at payment options like crypto. In addition, eBay will be “looking at it and exploring opportunities” to enable nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, on the platform “in an easy way,” comparing the digital offerings to collectibles.

“One of the great things about eBay is when there’s a new trend, it just shows up on Ebay,” said Iannone. “That’s what we’re seeing in areas like NFT, which we’re looking at how can we explore that better.”

The CEO said parts of NFTs were “already transacting” on the platform now, but eBay had not yet simplified the process for buyers and sellers. As of the first quarter of 2021, eBay has roughly 187 million active buyers.

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