Ethereum Price Hits $3000! Will ETH Price Hit Five-Digit Target Soon?

As the cryptocurrency market grows, Bitcoin’s dominance of overall market value seems to be wearing away, indicating that there will be more than one winner among digital tokens.

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On Monday during the early trading hours, Ethereum Price hit a new high of $3,017, extending a week-long rally following news that the European Investment Bank (EIB) may launch a digital bond sale on the ethereum blockchain network. 

The second largest crypto has risen more than 300% this year, outpacing the more common bitcoin by 95%. The EIB wants to launch a two-year 100-million euro digital bond, Bloomberg published on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

With the latest price surge above $3000, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has become the world’s youngest crypto billionaire. According to Etherscan records, Buterin owns over 330K ETH, valuing the company at over $1 billion.

Vitalik Buterin now has over $1 billion in ETH in his main address, which he revealed in October 2018. Other tokens are also owned by the 27-year-old visionary. 

On top of this main address, Buterin has a few others that he hasn’t revealed, but he claims they’re “very thin.” 

Nonetheless, according to his official wallet, he is the second-youngest self-made billionaire (behind only Luminar Technologies CEO Austin Russell).

According to Fundstrat Global Advisors, Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, could rocket to $10,500 after surpassing its all-time high this week.

Fundstrat analysts believe it could also reach the five-digit mark. One of the key factors for a potential ETH price rise, according to strategist David Grider, is the success of the Ethereum blockchain for decentralised finance applications. 

According to predictions, Ethereum has made some progress toward a network upgrade, which will enable it to process a transaction volume comparable to that of Mastercard Inc. and Visa Inc. The Ethereum 2.0 transformation, to be precise.

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