dCanvas Opens its Limited Allocation of 256 NFTs to The Public

dCanvas Opens its Limited Allocation of 256 NFTs to The Public

dCanvas is the largest collaborative NFT art project finally opening its gates to the public. Read it on to know more

The largest collaborative NFT art project dCanvas is finally opening its gates to the public. The company will allocate 256 public release NFTs in its community pixel board. Moreover, each NFT provides its full access to the pixel colors at a certain location on the canvas board.

Furthermore, NFT holders can participate in community-related, NFT-based art creations via an independent DAO. However, providing the community access to the project and its future. The NFT industry has started to grow by bounds and leaps, the time has arrived to focus on community-based features. Notably, dCanvas is the largest NFT collaborative art project that steps into the next stage of its evolution.

Moreover, the dCanvas has seen huge adoption providing roughly $500K in NFTs to various investors, brands, and early adopters. The private investors include Joyce from Global dCanvas app and transactions will take place via OpenSea. In order to reduce the gas fees for all users to have the optimal experience. Moreover, a one-time authorization fee is required for OpenSea. NFTs could be purchased through the app and could be utilized for their new acquisitions instantly after receiving them without further gas costs.

All NFT owners can develop a public profile to show off their ownership. Added to this, the owners can message one another to have meaningful collaboration and discussion. Projects like these need to fuel community-related engagement and activities.

In order to shape the future of its NFT collaborative art project, value, community, and social dCanvas prioritizes three crucial pillars. dCanvas moves in a different path and brings unique value to space. Furthermore, dCanvas will donate a small portion of all proceeds to charity organizations. This will further strengthen the appeal and potential of all NFT industries.

All in all, dCanvas project leverages the blockchain of Ethereum to connect online communities through the world’s largest, decentralized digital art canvas. Moreover, developed by two doctors, the central aim of dCanvas is to redefine the limits of collaborative art while acting as a powerful catalyst for social good.

Read the Whitepaper to know more: https://dcanvas.co/whitepaper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dcanvasapp
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dDS6hx5X8p

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