Ethereum (ETH) and XRP Price Poised To Have an Ultra Bullish Rally!

Ethereum (ETH) and XRP Price Poised To Have an Ultra Bullish Rally!

Some crypto analysts believe that the Ethereum price rise would cause it to “flip” bitcoin in the immediate future, surpassing its total value.

Credible Crypto, a famous trader and analyst, predicts that the second- and fifth-largest crypto assets will rally in a similar fashion to Bitcoin. 

Credible Crypto claims in a series of tweets that Ethereum is pursuing the same script as Bitcoin, which tripled in price after smashing through the 2017 peak. 

He adds that,

Remember when BTC crossed the $20,000 barrier and then rocketed to $60,000 in a matter of weeks? ETH, on the other hand, has decided to play follow the leader. “$3,000 is just the beginning.”

When a follower asks Credible Crypto for a price target for Ethereum, he says the second-largest cryptocurrency would cross “at least $8,000-$10,000.” 

Ethereum is currently trading at slightly less than $3,500, implying that it could grow by 130% to 190% if Credible Crypto’s prediction comes true.

XRP Price

When XRP Price was valued between 90 cents and $1, the cryptocurrency trader and influencer bought a share. The price of XRP is currently $1.45. Despite the fact that he has sold a portion of his stake, the digital asset is now up between 45 and 60%. 

If the fifth-largest digital asset by market cap retraces, Credible Crypto says he will raise his XRP stake. 

Apart from Ethereum and XRP, Credible Crypto points out that Bitcoin is facing stiff resistance at $60,000 and could fall to $52,000, a level at which he can place the bids.

XRP price has been struggling for a few days after Ripple Labs released $1.6 billion in coins from its Escrow account. XRP is currently trading at $1.4930, down 25% from its April peak of $1.9830. It’s about 60% higher than where it was on April 23. It is also the world’s fourth-largest digital currency, with a total market capitalization of more than $67 billion.

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