Data Agnostic Oracle Network ORAO Chooses TRON’s Blockchain Over Ethereum’s

The data-agnostic oracle network supporting multiple blockchains, ORAO, will launch its general data product on top of TRON. The two parties announced a partnership earlier, with ORAO claiming it chose TRON due to the significantly lower transaction costs compared to other networks.

ORAO to Launch Products on TRON

Described as a “blockchain agnostic oracle platform built to support any number of chains,” ORAO operates with protocols working on top of Polkadot, Ethereum, Elrond, and other networks. The team behind it announced the partnership with Justin Sun’s TRON in a press release shared with CryptoPotato.

The statement informs that ORAO uses a “proactive rating system” to judge data upon submission, which means that “bad and malicious data never makes it to the buyer in the first place.”

Furthermore, its data oracles provide a wider variety of secure information working at high speeds – from local weather to the outcome of football matches and elections.

“One of the key strengths of ORAO are our Predefined Data Protocols, which greatly expand the variety of data products that providers can offer. However, while they make for fantastic flexibility, the fact remains that many of the data products they support would not be economically viable on a platform that is mired in congestion issues.” – commented Nikola Strahija – founder of ORAO.

The integration on TRON comes after the team examined other alternatives, including Ethereum. However, the notoriously high transaction fees and the “increased congestion,” which leads to a “growing need for a fast, scalable, and affordable base layer solution,” made TRON the most accurate option.

TRON’s Rapid Growth

Upon further explaining the decision to go with TRON, Strahija described Justin Sun’s brainchild as a “rapidly growing powerhouse” in the market.

The partnership between the two will also enable TRON users to receive data from other networks due to ORAO’s blockchain agnostic features.

“DeFi and crypto should not be limited to high net worth portfolios who can afford congestion pricing. We are seeing a rising trend of many top Ethereum projects moving to TRON. We are thrilled for ORAO to join the TRON Network and reap the benefits of a fast, affordable, and agile network.” – said Sun.

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