DeChart: Pioneering Data Aggregation Through DCH Token Sale

Ever made a trade without looking through the asset’s history? Almost all traders have, at one time or another made this mistake – particularly in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) space. Well now, seeking to pioneer the leading solution for DEX data aggregation, DeChart has just launched its token sale on Unicrypt!

Lasting 2.5 days between May 9th to Tuesday, May 11th, the DeChart token sale offers a brand new solution to DEX traders. By utilizing DeChart’s user-friendly and efficient interface, users can finally assess their DEX assets trade history in one place. Offering the first organized and effective alternative to third-party aggregation tools, DeChart charters the course towards the evolution of DEX trade data aggregation.

DEX Trading History: A Diamond In The Rough

DEX trading history is both a vital aspect of DEX trading, but also a heavily under-utilized element that has only been accessible to date via disorganized and lacking third-party data aggregation tools. With the lack of development to date of DEX trade data aggregation, DeChart seeks to propose the first and advanced leading solution in the DEX trade data space.

Following recent events in mid-April 2021 – where Bitcoin saw a dip from $60,900 down to $50,500 – DEX trade volumes skyrocketed above 3 billion. Despite this, DEX trade data aggregation still has yet to receive the respect it so truly deserves. Providing the all-in-one solution to this problem, DeChart is determined to revolutionize the world of DEX trading data aggregation and ensure users prosper.

The Heart Of The Token Sale – The DCH Token

At the heart of DeChart and the token sale is the native DCH token. Functioning as the embodiment of DeChart’s values and mission, the DCH token can be utilized by users via staking on the DeChart platform. In addition to the staking of the DCH token, users can also stake BNB, CAKE, and LP tokens.

The DCH token sale will make 56,250,000 DCH available to investors between the 9th-11th of May 2021 from a total supply of 125 million. Featuring only one round during the token sale and burning all unsold DCH, users can rest assured their initial investment value is preserved as DCH becomes deflationary. And with over 750 BNB already raised, the sale is off to a great start.

Ensuring future growth and pioneering the DEX trade data aggregation space, DeChart finds backing from Co-founder of Mate Tokay, and the investment firm Pangea Research.

To get involved in the token sale, head on over to Unicrypt and begin accessing DEX trading data efficiently!



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