Virtue Poker Teams Up With SuperFarm To Launch Its Initial DEX Offering On SuperStarter

Decentralized poker platform, Virtue Poker, will be launching its IDO on SuperStarter. The platform has partnered with SuperFarm, a cross-chain DeFi protocol, to ensure compliance and security for its upcoming sale.

Ethereum-Based Poker Platform Aims To Integrate NFTs After The Sale Of VPP Tokens

Decentralized casinos are one of the most lucrative and fast-growing areas of the blockchain ecosystem. With more and more decentralized platforms springing up, the competition to attract new players is getting tougher.

In a bid to outrank competitors, Virtue Poker, a decentralized poker platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that recently closed a $5M round, has joined hands with SuperFarm, a cross-chain DeFi protocol that can turn any token into NFT without any codes. Using the protocol, Virtue Poker will be launching their Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), listing a portion of VPP tokens. Developed by ConsenSys in 2016, Virtue Poker is backed by some of the most prominent investors and VC firms, including Pantera Capital, Fenbushi Capital, DFG Group, JRR, Flurry Capital, and more. The platform has already received widespread attention and has raised $5 million from its recently concluded private funding round.

The IDO will be launched on SuperStarter, SuperFarm’s decentralized protocol built to ensure security and compliance. Virtue Poker will be listing out a small portion of its VPP tokens to the community. Virtue Poker token holders will gain several benefits, including access to marketing initiatives, huge savings on service fees, a chance to voice their opinion in the platform’s development process, and staking rewards of up to 50% of the platform’s fees.

As Virtue Poker aims to integrate NFTs soon after the IDO, the strategic partnership with SuperFarm paves a path for highlighting a new use case of NFT in the online gambling industry. Elliot Wainmann, Founder of SuperFarm, adds, “Virtue Poker makes for an excellent partner for our recently introduced SuperStarter platform, showcasing its enormous benefits to the SuperFarm community and the high caliber of projects wishing to integrate NFTs in their stack.”


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