Coreto Platform to Get a Makeover with Coreto Design Language

Coreto Platform to Get a Makeover with Coreto Design Language

A month after its Alpha launch, the reputation based online social platform for crypto communities, Coreto has entered Phase II and is in the process of receiving a huge upgrade. As a part of this new development, the community-driven, crowdsourced crypto information platform is implementing Coreto Design Language (CDL) – a design language system optimized for efficiency, cost, stability and usability of the platform.

The implementation of CDL is an unmistakable sign of Coreto’s evolution as the project prepares to soon emerge from Alpha release to Beta launch. The new design language is created keeping the community’s as well as Coreto’s own developers’ needs in mind. As a community-oriented project with plenty of features in the pipeline, it is important to create a simplified, user-friendly platform for the convenience of users. At the same time, developers should have enough flexibility with access to necessary tools for rapid deployment without compromising on the user experience front.

By following a modular approach with reimagined graphical elements, the new Coreto Design Language will promote a sense of familiarity to all the stakeholders, throughout their journey with the platform.

Achieving Consistency While Maintaining Competitive Edge

The implementation of CDL into the Coreto ecosystem is more than just a branding exercise. While there is no arguing that a refreshed look with improved user experience will grab the user’s attention, the design language should also ensure consistency in all aspects, throughout the platform.


The modular approach adopted by CDL is slated to drastically cut down the time needed to develop and launch new features. With clearly defined elements in place, the development team won’t have to worry about the looks or spend time perfecting the user experience for each new release. By cutting short the turnaround time, CDL will put Coreto in a position to keep up with the constantly evolving technology and community needs.

More Time and Resources to Serve the Community

The official launch of revamped Coreto will also mark the project’s entry to Phase II. The timing of CDL upgrade will provide adequate time for the Coreto team and early adopter community who are part of Phase II to test the new system and achieve perfection before production.

The time and resources saved by eliminating the need to create everything from scratch will help Coreto to focus on planning and development of new features without taking their eyes off the main mission that is clearly outlined in its manifesto.

Celebrating the “First-Month Anniversary”

Coreto announced Alpha launch on April 12, 2021, with a select batch of 500 users to test and experience the platform first-hand. Exactly after a month, on May 12, 2021, Coreto is onboarding another 500 pre-registered users who have been patiently waiting for their turn until now. These 1000 users will be instrumental in giving quality feedback about the platform to Coreto team, helping them further improve their offering.

With registrations still open, interested community members can request for early access to the platform to gain a firsthand experience of what Coreto has to offer. Those registering for early access will be onboarded in multiple batches, enabling them to access all the latest features of the constantly evolving platform.


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