Fully on-chain board-game wants players to earn ‘serious cash’ via NFT and DeFi

Games and digital collectibles on the blockchain are not a new feature of the crypto market, with the broader non-fungible token (NFT) sector growing to a $25 billion valuation over the past year from an under $50 million market in 2019.

The growth has brought with it newer blockchains, and newer cases on those newer blockchains. An example is Alchemy Toys, a fair collect & play game launched in May 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain.

The game has been built by an international team based in Germany that has been working together for more than a decade on dozens of high-profile web development projects. The team was previously on the development of auto-peering node-software for IOTA.

“We are avid collectors of NFTs and see it as the future of digital art and collecting,” the team notes, adding plans to build out Alchemy Toys started in mid-202.

The Alchemy developers, however, said the NFT space appeared low-effort and saturated soon after. “As weeks passed a myriad of new (mostly low-effort) “art” NFTs started to appear, diluting the offer and raising questions about the underlying value of the pieces collected, apart from their intrinsic DLT-induced scarcity,” they explain, adding:

“At that time we started thinking how wonderful it would be to have collectible NFT items that are backed by some real value (in best case network’s base currency).”

Inside Alchemy Toys

Alchemy Toys a classic alchemy game where users can mint unique TOY NFTs and melt them into more valuable ones, with each step bringing them closer to the treasury.

The USP, however, is that all TOYs are backed by real value and upheld by the growing game treasury, meaning every TOY can be used in the future to collect direct rewards (paid in BNB) and accrue value over time.

Some of the game’s terms and features are as follows:

  1. “Gold standard”: Every minted and collected NFT is backed by game treasury.
  2. Fair: Every minted NFT can and will be used to win the game’s treasury; there is no “house” that always wins – the only winners are the players.
  3. Collect: Every minted NFT becomes more valuable as time passes converting it to a great object for collections and trade.
  4. Sustainability: apart from network fees all game and trading fees flow into the game treasury, everything in BNB.
  5. Self-adjusting economics: the logic of the contract is designed to keep the game flowing, the treasury growing and economic balances stabilized
  6. Stacking: players can profit also passively by stacking at the game
  7. Individual: the game offers a myriad of individual play and profit strategies that every player can fine-tune for their own objectives.

Early testers have showered great acclaim for the gameplay, in particular for the self-adjusting economics, engaging game dynamics, and an in-game NFT marketplace that allows users to play and profit!

There are as many individual strategies as players as well! Players can collect, trade, mint, melt, stack, sacrifice or use a unique combination of these to progress in Alchemy Toys and profit in a unique manner to others.

Alchemy Toys and the NFT Marketplace ‘Minted Vodka’ will be launched on BSC Mainnet around May 13th, 2021. The game is a fair bet as well: Its smart contracts have been audited by crypto security Solidity Finance.

For more information, visit Alchemy.toys.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Alchemy Toys.

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