Global Payments and GoCrypto Shape the New Era of Payments

Global Payments and GoCrypto Shape the New Era of Payments

Global Payments and GoCrypto Shape the New Era of Payments

PRESS RELEASE. 17 May 2021 The adoption of crypto payments by one of the world’s biggest payment solution providers can mean only one thing. Cryptocurrency payments are now on the verge of going mainstream. GoCrypto, a payment solution that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, was just integrated into one of the latest Global Payments s.r.o. products – the GP tom mobile application. In addition to diverse card payments, GP tom now enables merchants to accept payments with various cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. The launching of GP tom with GoCrypto is taking place in Central European countries, where Global Payments s.r.o. is present. And what does it all mean? Instant crypto payments will soon be available to thousands of merchants.

Crypto: faster, contactless and more secure than ever

Today, there are about 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, with bitcoin being the most well-known. The number of crypto wallets currently is a staggering 150 million. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing worldwide, and more and more merchants are interested in offering cryptocurrencies as a payment option to their customers. Traditionally, cryptocurrencies were regarded as being too slow for merchants to accept. That started changing with the GoCrypto solution by the Eligma company for instant, secure and contactless payments with cryptocurrencies. GoCrypto’s home country, Slovenia, is a global leader in the number of brick-and-mortar locations accepting crypto, and the interest is soaring elsewhere as well.

The reason is simple: to accept cryptocurrencies through the GoCrypto solution, a merchant does not necessarily need to know anything about cryptocurrencies because they can receive the settlement exchanged into their local currency or in crypto if they so wish.

A major boost to the adoption of this alternative payment method comes through the integration of GoCrypto into one of the latest products by Global Payments s.r.o. – GP tom, which enables merchants to accept various kinds of payments simply through their phone.

The Eligma frontman and CEO Dejan Roljic stated:

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way, both in terms of technology and their global recognition. We are honoured that the GoCrypto system for merchants was integrated into a superb innovation by Global Payments s.r.o., one of Central Europe’s foremost payment ecosystem providers. This redefines the concept of ‘the payment mainstream’, showing the growth of the industry and the global importance of cryptocurrencies as a form of daily payments. GoCrypto is a perfect addition to the GP tom app because the payments are instant, easy, fast and completely contactless – a perfect fit for merchants and shoppers in 2021.”

GP tom with GoCrypto launches in Romania

The unique commerce ecosystem of Global Payments s.r.o. spans over Central Europe, catering to every commerce dimension and carrying billions of transactions every year. Now, their 140+ payment methods are being upgraded with an alternative digital payment: cryptocurrencies. The GP tom app was created with the goal to provide the merchant with the flexibility and mobility required in their specific retail fields. The POS software can be installed directly on the merchant’s mobile phone, enabling them to easily accept numerous payment streams such as credit cards, digital payments and crypto. This month, GP tom with GoCrypto will be launched in Central European countries of Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, setting new standards both for the digital and crypto payment industries.

GoCrypto, the world’s most advanced crypto payment network

Created by a team of crypto experts who envisioned the use of crypto in daily shopping, the GoCrypto solution enables merchants to accept instant crypto payments. The merchants have the option to receive settlements in their local currency (and can also choose to receive settlement in the supported cryptocurrency of their choice). GoCrypto operates as a global payment scheme connecting crypto users, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies, cash register system providers, payment solution providers and merchants. Currently available in 64 countries, GoCrypto is the world’s fastest growing crypto payment network, constantly adding new currencies and wallets, which enables the increasing number of crypto enthusiasts to use crypto in their daily life. GoCrypto currently supports the Wallet and Elly Wallet, enabling shoppers to pay with 7 different cryptocurrencies: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ether), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), LTC (Litecoin), XTZ (Tezos), VIB (Viberate token), and GoC (GoCrypto token).

The news of the partnership between GoCrypto’s payment solution technology and Global Payments s.r.o., one of the leading commerce solution providers, is a new chapter in the digitalisation of the payment industry in Central Europe.


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