Edtech Disruptor Studyum Launches Stage Four of IDO Pre-sale

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Studyum, the Singapore-based blockchain-powered e-learning startup, is announcing a Stage four IDO pre-sale, beginning on the 10th of June, closing on the 15th of June.

According to the company, there is a fundamental problem in all areas of education brought about by antiquated and poorly resourced non-linear education systems. To Studyum, this is by no means a criticism — more an observation of a phenomenal opportunity to disrupt the education technology industry and provide students with the personalization and attention they need to thrive.

Studyum aims to fix these various issues with a unique combination of a highly developed learning management system, state-of-the-art interactive learning management tools, and a tokenized rewards system.

By way of the application’s tokenomics micro-economy, Studyum students will be able to ‘learn & earn’ through tokenized rewards called ‘STUD Tokens.’ The company also intends to incorporate NFT gamification and 2D and 3D content for its students. Educators will also create unique NFT collectible cards, which students can then buy, trade, and swap. This application of artificial intelligence, smart-chat, 3D avatars, and NFTfi all in one education technology platform makes Studyum genuinely unique.

The company’s founder, Igor Dyachenko, suffers from learning difficulties. Not content with the traditional one-size-fits-all education he received at school, he developed a learning style that worked best for his needs. By the age of seven, he had applied this same kind of thinking to learn Karate, which resulted in him becoming a two-time world Karate champion.

“Educators are failing students by only using one book from the shelf,’” says Dyachenko. He adds: “I called bullshit on the school teachers’ systems. I could feel it wasn’t right or natural for the other kids or me. Right there, I decided I wasn’t going to accept this type of education system.”

The company’s market opportunity takes into account a vast array of industry verticals. With this in mind, just as Ripple’s XRP is the token ‘face’ of the payment solutions company, Studyum aims to have STUD become the standard tokenized rewards for education across institutions, corporations, and governments.

The visionary edtech startup’s IDO (Initial Dex Offering) pre-sale has just two more rounds to go. Studyum’s IDO will take place on DEX exchanges on Wednesday the 23rd of June, where the Stud Token price will rise to $0.10.You can find out more about Studyum and their token sale on their website: studyum.io.

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