Nestree Launches a Reward-Based Digital Commerce “Nestree Mall”

Nestree Launches a Reward-Based Digital Commerce “Nestree Mall”

Nestree Launches a Reward-Based Digital Commerce “Nestree Mall”

PRESS RELEASE. A South Korean blockchain-based community messenger “Nestree” has announced that it is launching an innovative and cutting-edge reward-based digital commerce platform called “Nestree Mall’. Nestree Mall is part of the roadmap of the blockchain platform that will expand the core business of Nestree and increase the use of its native token EGG.

Reward-based Comprehensive Shopping Mall

Nestree Mall is the first reward-based shopping mall for the cryptocurrency market that is designed to incentivize users. Nestree will integrate NestreeMall with its blockchain-based community messenger service to provide value to its community and EGG token holders.

Nestree Mall will offer products from famous brands at competitive prices and discounts to EGG token holders. The range of the discount will be calculated according to the holder’s EGG reserves which are checked using the wallet interlocking system in the Nestree Wallet and Metamask Wallet.

“Nestree Mall” introduced 6 premium levels with different ranges of applicable discounts for products offered on the platform. Depending on the amount of EGG tokens held by a user, they can access different amounts of discounts, which might vary from 15% up to 90% discounted from the original price of the product. It should be noted, that by simply holding the EGG Tokens, some people might purchase something for 1/10 of its price, which might even be cheaper than any retailer can offer. It should be noted that this incentive format is the first seen in the cryptocurrency industry, which encourages the use and holding of the EGG tokens.

Nestree also plans to hold special exhibitions to introduce and sell trendy domestic and foreign brand products. The exhibition will display products that are not offered by other shopping malls and ensure competitiveness by attracting exclusive sales on certain brands.

Nestree Mall launch will further affect the value of the EGG tokens and their consistent usability. As the Nestree Mall expands and grows, more users will be attracted by the prospect of purchasing cheap products leading to demand for EGG tokens. The continuous demand and decrease in the supply of EGG will result in the rise in the value of EGG tokens benefiting token holders and investors. It should also be noted, that after the announcement of the launch of the “Nestree Mall”, the EGG token’s price surged more than 50% on Bithumb.

Dynamic community-driven platform

Nestree is an incentivized community messenger that is based on blockchain and also features a unique reward system that allows communities to co-exist and benefit from one another. It is catered towards community growth and extends beyond the regular messenger platform.

Nestree provides an easy-to-use platform for non-crypto users to earn cryptocurrency without extensive knowledge of trading, KYC requirements, and more. Users can make new friends, engage in activities and earn rewards on Nestree. It also provides advanced features for community owners and admins to manage their communities effectively.

Since its launch in 2019, Nestree has acquired more than 100,000 users globally and is one of the popular blockchain-based messenger applications. It has also secured significant partnerships with global brands like Samsung and IBM.

Nestree native token EGG is listed on Bithumb, Bibox, Coinone and Bithumb Global and also available on the Samsung Blockchain. The launch of the Nestree Mall continues the growing ecosystem of Nestree, and more developments are expected in the coming months.

About Nestree

Nestree is a ground-breaking community platform with a dynamic rewarding system and business incubation. The Nestree Messenger is an advanced, reward-based blockchain integrated messenger. Catered towards community growth and beyond as a messenger, the Nestree Messenger adopts the trustless and borderless nature of cryptocurrency to enrich the ecosystem with the reward. Nestree provides one of the most optimal gateways for non-crypto users to encounter and earn cryptocurrency without the knowledge of trading, KYC requirements, private key management, etc.







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